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Abandonation VS Nation

Abandonation vs Nation (World of Warcraft Machinima)
WoPairs Channel:
Song by Abandonation:
Guest starring Gigi:
The song is a parody of Cassidy's 'Problem vs the Hustla.
verse1 abandonation
yo you call yourself a beast but you really play a priest/
you ain't even close to bein' leet your gear is weak/
keep you stunlocked wreakin with mutilate/
and when you try to heal watch me kick you in the face never hesitate/
wound poison cuttin your health to 50% percent/
plus when i stack 5 combos i'll leave you bent/
yo your too squishy and soft i'll kill you bein subtle/
you aint nothin like a paladin after he we waste a bubble/
you can use your little fear i'll trinket and dissappear/
sap you and dance and sip a little brewfest beer/
you dont want it with abandonation/
you better stick to pve'n cause the battlegrounds are my place of domination/
i'll put you back in your place testin the great/
mr. 5cap straight in your in face your death awaits/
better do that druid call and see if demineon will answer/
cause it's over with no cure like i was your cancer/
verse2 nation
you aint nothin without stuns so stop actin tough/
playin the shadows in stealth like a chump you aint brave enough/
you think you're owning me fast don't make me laugh/
yo i have a thousand resilience and heals out the ass/
standin my ground and waitin til you try to lock me down/
then i'm poppin pain suppression that's wardin you off clown/
you can try to silence i'm usin penance to replenish/
with a renew ticking off on my health you're finished/
i don't think you realize that you're hurtin yourself/
cause my power word shield is doin harm to your health/
you better cloak of shadows and vanish you're not beatin me/
matter of fact blind yourself you're not seeing me/
when that CoS is up/
watch them dots bounce back right on dat ass so you should give it up/
i don't need demineon, i can handle you alone/
how the hell you call yourself a druidboy you're a rogue, owned.
verse3 abandonation
when i step on the scene people salute because i own foes/
you don't do nothin but heal heroics and think you're leet bro/
blizz made it easy for you, you don't even have to raid/
all you have to do is farm conquest and your made/
you're a carebear doin your daily quest/
and i'm the one that's huntin you down gankin you puttin you to rest/
yo you got it twisted actin like the real mccoy/
playin a class that has a rep of touching little boys/
verse4 nation
yo your class is just a diss in itself/
you need a cheap shot to get the upper hand and without it you'd melt/
you're like the only rogue still standin/
everybodies playin pallies and dks, well bitch join the band wagon/
i'm glad you're happy with those handmedown epics/
rockin season 2 thinking your boss, that **** is nubsauce/
it aint no wonder why you always get smashed/
though you look good in those videos your real gear is trash/

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Submitted: 07/14/2011
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#1 - Womens Study Major (07/14/2011) [-]
Abandonation won, ROGUES FTW!!
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