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White Girl Problems

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Premieres-July 17


Cyberbully follows Taylor Hillridge (Emily Osment), a teenage girl who falls victim to online bullying, and the cost it takes on her as well as her friends and family. Taylor is a pretty seventeen-year-old student dealing with her parents' recent divorce and painfully aware of her lower social status in high school. When her mom gives her a computer for her birthday, Taylor is excited by the prospect of going online to meet new friends without her mother always looking over her shoulder. However, Taylor soon finds herself the victim of betrayal and bullying while visiting a popular social website. Obsessed with the damaging posts, she begins to withdraw from her family and friends, including her life-long best friend, Samantha Caldone (Kay Panabaker). Tormented and afraid to face her peers at school, Taylor is pushed to an extreme breaking point. It is only after this life-changing event that Taylor learns that she is not alone -- meeting other teens, including a classmate, who have had similar experiences. Taylor's mom, Kris (Kelly Rowan), reels from the incident and takes on the school system and state legislation to help prevent others from going through the same harrowing ordeal as her daughter.
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#4 - kingwadesky
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(07/06/2011) [-]
i srsly lol'd
#6 - proscia
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(07/06/2011) [-]
#5 - iamepicwin
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(07/06/2011) [-]
Things like this....make me want to destroy the planet
User avatar #2 - charlessigma
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(07/06/2011) [-]
you then google how to delete hacked fb account
User avatar #7 - gingerhatchet
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(07/06/2011) [-]
bet you they are gonna make a cheap version of anonymous and other stuff
User avatar #1 - yevbel [OP]
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(07/06/2011) [-]
/b ******* wins
#3 - anon id: ba983f12
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(07/06/2011) [-]
white people...your lives are so damn hard! I feel for you, i really do!