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Girls are campers too.
This is a story about a real life death match.
When a revenge driven guy enters a house looking for revenge,
he doesn't seem to know all the dangers it contains.
With this vídeo I've tried to accomplish a short yet interesting shooting action scene. Also, I've tryed to give it videogamish kind of feel, specially with the camper stuff. Heck, I think everyone hates campers, even other campers. But you see, I think in real life there are more campers than in videogame. I know I'd be one for sure if I somehow got miself into a war zone.
Please leave a comment bellow telling me if you like the vídeo, give suggestion, make your critcs.
And please thumbs up and favorite the vídeo if you like it.
Programs used:
Adobe After Effects CS 3 -- special effects
Adobe Premiere CS3 ------- editing
Garotas também são Campers.
This video is part of the NERD AWESOMENESS playlist: www.youtube.com/share?p=FE892B8504230699
See ya!

Views: 1363 Submitted: 06/27/2011