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#2 - mrblinx
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(06/13/2011) [-]
I think you meant "pow... right in the kisser"
#7 to #2 - whereami
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(06/14/2011) [-]
pow right in the kisser
#8 - kyman
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(06/17/2011) [-]
dumb blonde bitch isn't doing anything and then she's asking the girl to finish?
User avatar #10 to #8 - techketzer
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(07/13/2011) [-]
She didn't tell her to shoot herself in the face either, now did she?
#11 to #10 - kyman
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(07/14/2011) [-]
let me put t to you this way. you are in a competition but because of an unknown factor you just got smashed in the face by a watermelon which has completely disorientated you and you probably need to go to the hospital yet the person who isn't doing anything is telling you to get back up, shrug off you shattered skull/nose/missing teeth in order for her and you to get a piece of a piece of a small fortune.
User avatar #12 to #11 - techketzer
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(07/14/2011) [-]
Let me tell you a story.

There was this guy playing in a regional amateur football tournament, and his team did pretty ok. He didn't play in the attack but stayed in the middle, made sure the keeper had little to do and got the ball to the attack players.
Standard job.

He never saw what happened when all of a sudden from the front that ******* ball came out of nowhere right at him, and much to fast to react.
Next thing he knew he was lying on his back, his vision blurry, tasting blood in his mouth, face and jaw completely numb.
When asked if he was ok, he couldn't speak.

You know what that guy did? He didn't bitch and sneak his way out of his job. He spat on the grass, blinked and looked for a while and the he played again and finished that game. He was hellbent and dedicated, no scared little bitch.

Yeah, of course that was me, that's why I'm telling this.
I had to go to hospital later that day. Lady there told me I had a concussion and a dislocated jaw. (is dislocated the right word in English?)

Do I fell like a badass because of that? Yeah, to some degree I do.
I was hit with a leather ball at enough speed to dislocate my jaw, so what the hell are you telling about watermelons here?

Never said it looked pleasurable, but that girl is just that - a frightened little girl with no committment and a cowardly attitude, trying to sneak her way out of a contract.

I hate that kind of behavior, always have.
#13 to #12 - kyman
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(07/14/2011) [-]
as in any game/competition, you have to work with other people. now you got the **** kicked out of you in world football i'm assuming (i'm american i know we got our **** backwards) and you did you best and finished what you started. i honestly respect you for that (i've had several cuts, hyper extensions, and broken bones during 9 years of american football so i know).
but what i don't like is the people not doing they're job and then bitching to the people who do the job because it wasn't done the way that they wanted it due to the lack of help. i have had too many teammates quit halfway through or didn't do anything to begin with and then yelled at me/others who did do their job and more. yet the slackers were confused that we didn't do so well.
that is what i've been trying to say. sorry if it sounded like i was the slacker.
User avatar #14 to #13 - techketzer
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(07/14/2011) [-]
I honestly thought you were making excuses for slackers, yeah.
Guess I was wrong then.

My respect goes out to you man, American football is looked up at where I live.
You guys are the real badasses compared to those closet gays kicking a ball around.

Have a good one.
#15 to #14 - kyman
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(07/14/2011) [-]
and the same for you.
#5 - spadesoface
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(06/13/2011) [-]
User avatar #6 to #5 - MarauderMatt
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(06/13/2011) [-]
Mammy, from Gone with The Wind
User avatar #4 - nilyed [OP]
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(06/13/2011) [-]
and she can't feel her face... lol
#1 - jcrackazz
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(06/13/2011) [-]
#9 - anon
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(06/18/2011) [-]
natural selection has failed me...
#3 - anon
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(06/13/2011) [-]
Reopost.. i have seen it before here.. but not in a while. so IDC if its a repost its a funny one