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Dude did they really do this? No its CGI


WARNING: This video contains extreme violence and occult imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.
After a failed attempt to infiltrate the lair of the Lord of West (one of the 5 material overlords responsible for the suffering and corruption of the world), our hero, the Black Swordsman of Dominance, is captured.
As he struggles for his life, the daimon god Mik Nawooj enters and subdues the assailants with black magick. One of the villains becomes possessed by Mik Nawooj and leads the Black Swordsman out of the dungeon.
Upon opening the door at the end of the hallway, Black Swordsman sees rays of sunlight and walks onward toward the mythical snowy mountains of Makgoya.
Directors: The Young Gunz (Pete Paduano/Garett Franz)
Composer: JooWan Kim*
Starring: Borzin Knight
Producer: Jessiqa Pace
Director of Photography: Ian S. Takahashi
Costume designer: Brenda Moreno
Prop Master: Andrew Lewis
Fight Choreographer: Durand Garcia
Makeup Artist: Rudy Asuncion
Special Thanks to Justin Chin ( You need to login to view this link )
Special Thanks to Amstutz Associates and Ami Zins (for location)
Lyricist: Kirby Dominant
Performed by Ensemble Mik Nawooj (from the album Great Integration: A Chamber Hip Hop Opera).
Now available on iTunes and Amazon- You need to login to view this link
*Mik Nawooj mythos created by JooWan Kim
© 2011 Golden Fetus Records

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