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All Doctor Who Regenerations 1963 2010


A compilation of all the Doctor's regenerations from 1963 - 2010, including 10th Doctor David Tennant regenerating into 11th Doctor Matt Smith.
* All footage taken from the original episodes (along with original audio)
1. William Hartnell - Patrick Troughton: The Tenth Planet, Part 4 (1966)
* The First Doctor dies of old age / exhaustion due to the energy drain on the planet Mondas.
2. Patrick Troughton - Jon Pertwee: The War Games, Part 10 (1969)
* The Second Doctor is exiled to Earth by the Time Lords and is forced to regenerate.
3. Jon Pertwee - Tom Baker: Planet Of The Spiders, Part 6 (1974)
* The Third Doctor dies of radiation poisoning from the crystals of Metabelis Three.
4. Tom Baker - Peter Davison: Logopolis, Part 4 (1981)
* The Fourth Doctor falls from the Pharos Project radio telescope and merges with the Watcher.
5. Peter Davison - Colin Baker: The Caves Of Androzani, Part 4 (1984)
* The Fifth Doctor dies of spectrox toxaemia exposure on Androzani Minor.
6. Colin Baker - Sylvester McCoy: Time And The Rani, Part 1 (1987)
* The Sixth Doctor regenerates when the Rani shoots down the TARDIS.
7. Sylvester McCoy - Paul McGann: Doctor Who: The Movie (1996)
* The Seventh Doctor is shot by a gang member, then dies while being operated on in hospital.
8. Paul McGann - Christopher Eccleston: No official regeneration exists. (This video features a fanmade regeneration created by Mulett.)
* The Eighth Doctor's reason for regenerating is unknown.
9. Christopher Eccleston - David Tennant: The Parting Of The Ways (2005)
* The Ninth Doctor dies of cellular degeneration caused by absorbing the energies of the Time Vortex.
10. David Tennant - Matt Smith: The End Of Time, Part 2 (2010)
* The Tenth Doctor dies of radiation poisoning caused by the faulting power supply of the Immortality Gate.
* The Doctor can regenerate two more times for a total of 12 regenerations (and 13 incarnations of the Doctor) according to Doctor Who mythology.
* The Second Doctor was never seen to actually change into the Third, simply fading off into darkness at the end of 'The War Games' (1969) and then stumbling out of the TARDIS, already regenerated, at the start of 'Spearhead From Space' (1970). Both scenes are included in this video.

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