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pokemon but with animals instead 2

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Nominated for 17 academy awards including best animation, biggest tallywacker and nicest haircut. From the man who bought you classics such as: Pokemon but with animals instead 1. Feast your eyeballs and ear sockets with this sugary treat, and thank your lucky stars you were born in the limited time span the internet has existed. Do you know what Napoleon would have done to get his hands on a Google? Just one Google?You don't want to know.
In what must surely be the animation event of the decade, 30,000 Taiwanese orphans combined forces, working tirelessly to carve another modern day masterpiece - Pokemon but with animals instead 2.
Ok, so I'm sorry this took so god damn long, But here it is, I only hope you enjoy it and quit your bitching. Thanks internet. Now, behave yourself. And stop calling my mum.
More videos and goodness:
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Theme tune & Pokemon covers by Burn7.
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Check out his stuff, he's pretty awesome.
Title cards by Henry Finnegan.
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Written and Directed by:
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Ryan Hunt

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