Meanwhile in Finland

WTF = Welcome To Finland
Friend of mine sent this video too me, had to laugh so hard. However, it is so catchy! Because of that, i researched a bit, and asked some Finnish friends what this is about.
Apparently this guy is a comedian, and he had a bet that he couldnt make a happy song, or something like that. Correct me if i'm wrong please.
translation = Eggy - Bouncy Feeling

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Submitted: 05/24/2011
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#7 - zacisghandi (05/24/2011) [-]
Looks like Michael Cera
User avatar #1 - overchill (05/24/2011) [-]
okay, WTF
and I meant Welcome to Finland
#4 - czapperblitz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #5 - zependium (05/24/2011) [-]
**zependium rolls 834,266,684**
#2 - anonymous (05/24/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolls 8**
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