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man becomes god at super meat boy.

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EDIT: Thx Team Meat for news about this vid! To all people: BUY THIS AWESOME GAME! It's hard, you're gonna cry trying to beat it, but it's so damn fun to play!
About vid: First ever 'real' Iron Man run from dark Cotton Alley. No 'back to map' trick used, levels order 1 - 20, enjoy
And about steam popup, or lack of it - I've achieved Impossible Boy about month ago, but with wrong levels order (6-20, 1-5) and without fraps. So I decided to give Iron Man run a try, and here it is
EDIT: weird whirly sound at about 3:20 is 'incomming message' sound from polish communicator called gadu-gadu, which I forgot to turn off before recording the run
Ah one more thing - I used keyboard, pad is too expensive ;)
Song used in the beginning: 300 OST - Returns a King

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