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Conan O'Brien Thursday


Conan OBrien Thursday - Rebecca Black Friday Parody.

Conan has fun, fun, fun, fun with the hit youtube video Friday by Rebecca Black

Message from Team Coco......

Happy Thursday, Internet! We're giving you the chance to download Conan's "Thursday" song as a FREE ringtone! Rebecca Black may have become a YouTube sensation with her song "Friday", but anyone who's anyone knows that Conan made his far superior song "Thursday" first. We're not in it for the sweet YouTube money or the record deals, we're in it for the love of music (but if a sweet record deal comes along, we're not going to turn it down, btw). So if you love music, then we're sure you'll enjoy the sweet vocal acrobatics of "Thursday" every time someone calls your phones. We guarantee it won't get annoying at all... ever.


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