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don't beleve him WTF!

Interview with Today Tonight wtf go spam him some more like seriously wtf he beleve his own lies

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Submitted: 03/21/2011
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User avatar #10 - joeybomboey (03/21/2011) [-]
Jesus ******* christ!

Pony tail/Mullet Hybrid Rat tail thing
Buck teeth that pour out of his mouth
A ******* eyebrow piercing on a kid
...The makings of the perfect Pikey
#9 - redmoon (03/21/2011) [-]
i always cringe when Casey throws him on the ground. But he gets no pity from me, he had it coming, he's not even sorry
#8 - hoijof (03/21/2011) [-]
orly? GTFO liar
User avatar #7 - dritt (03/21/2011) [-]
lol the small boy is 13??
LOL how dumb can you be to mess with a 16 year old
#6 - kampfkaninchen (03/21/2011) [-]
****** liars.

go casey! kill them all!
#1 - samturnip (03/21/2011) [-]
do you feel sorry? "no. . . i mean yes"
do you feel sorry? "no. . . i mean yes"
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