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Skyward Sword literal trailer


i didnt make this
Foggy, cloudy horse,
Angry spiky heart,
Floaty boat, and a wolf.
Run into the light.
Where a man in a skirt and
tights is standing.
And he pulls out his sword,
Then slowly spins it around, and

Kill Natives, and plants.
Turn them into ash.
Purple dust, sword lights up!
More Natives, and plants, and Natives
They all look the same.
That's racist!

Scorpion with eyeballs in it's claws.
Use your shield to deflect an acorn
Use a vine to swing across.
Climb the plant wall,
Confuse the eyeball

Bow and arrow, shoot it at a leaf.
And a bob-omb,
And someone's floating heart.

Aim a grapple claw
at the Audience.
Make it grab stuff, and explode!
Goodbye grapple claw.

Roll a flashing plant
Under a happy tree.
Now it's a dead tree.
Slingshots make bats disappear!

Use a whip to tear out people's hearts.
Then eat them.
Stab a scorpion in the eye-claw!

End a skeleton,
And a scorpion,
And another skeleton.

Swan dive into the logo!

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