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Epic Battles of History

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Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is the 3rd installment of the Epic Rap Battles of History.
This video could not have been possible without the support of my subscribers, and without the help of several other talented people. Special thanks to them, and to you.
Beat Produced By: MrFlamez
Directed and Edited by: Dave McCary
Director of Photography: Jon Na
First Assistant Editor: Mike Schroeder
Special Effects by: Geoff Yano
Abe Lincoln: Nice Peter
Chuck Norris: Lloyd Ahlquist
Next Epic Rap Battle is coming in a few weeks. I make lots of funny songs, and a vlog every monday, you are welcome to hang out here until then.
see you soon,
-nice peter

Views: 1093 Submitted: 03/18/2011
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User avatar #6 - AllYourBase
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(03/18/2011) [-]
Lincoln won, most definitely. Chuck might have all those facts backing him up, but Abe's rhymes are badass
User avatar #4 - duperman
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(03/18/2011) [-]
idk why he says that he voted for john mcain as an insult. abe started the republican party
#3 - ibefunnyandshit
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#5 - itzdaphenom
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(03/18/2011) [-]
#2 - contakhighlol
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#1 - armadylgodsword
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(03/18/2011) [-]
chuck norris totally won