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Made me lol

look at there faces at the end, lmfao <br />
<br />
mother mother **** , mother mother **** **** , mother **** , mother **** , noise noise noise, [url deleted] .3.4,noish noish noish, smokin weed smokin weed doin coke drinkin beers drinking beers beers beers, rollin fatties smokin blunts who smoke the blunts? we smoke the blunts! rollin blunts and sm- let me get a nickelbag- 15 bucks little man put that **** in my hand, if that money doesn't show then you owe me owe, my jungle love, oioio, i think i wanna know ya know ya yeah what?

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Submitted: 02/23/2011
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#1 - coda (02/23/2011) [+] (1 reply)
dogma was by far the worst movie i have ever been forced to sit through, all though that skinny bitch with the long hair was funny XD
#2 to #1 - Uranium (02/23/2011) [-]
You're an idiot dogma was hilarious
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