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Hulk Hogan vs Kim Jong il

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Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. We make a new one of these every month, and I make a new picture song every Monday. <br />
<br />
Thanks to all the rap-battle fans who helped get this video on the front page of youtube, we pulled it off and the free download of this song will be coming soon.<br />
<br />
&quot;My Name is Kim Jong, I Got a License to Il&quot;<br />
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<br />
We really, actually, honestly do get these battle ideas from your suggestions, so please keep them coming.<br />
<br />
The beat was created by the very talented producers at:<br />
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They have great music, check them out.<br />

<br />

Credits:<br />
created by<br />
Nice Peter and Lloyd Ahlquist<br />
<br />
written by<br />
Nice Peter, Lloyd Ahlquist, and Timothy DelaGhetto<br />
<br />
directed and edited by <br />
Dave McCary of Good Neighbor<br />
www.youtube.com/goodneighborstuff<br />
<br />
Beat Production by:<br />
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Song Title: <br />
Born to be a Ball Playa<br />
available at You need to login to view this link <br />

<br />

starring:<br />
Timothy Delaghetto as Kim Jong-il <br />
www.youtube.com/timothydelaghetto2<br />
Nice Peter as Hulk Hogan<br />
www.youtube.com/nicepeterToo<br />
<br />
Lloyd Ahlquist as Macho Man<br />
www.youtube.com/lloydahlquist<br />
<br />
director of photography:<br />
Jon Na<br />
<br />
director of epicness:<br />
Mike Schroeder<br />
<br />
assistant editor:<br />
Brandon Perna<br />
<br />
produced by:<br />
Nikki Fancy<br />
Maker Studios<br />
<br />
subscribe to youtube.com/nicepeter <br />
for more epic raps and picture songs.<br />
<br />
see you soon <br />
<br />
-np<br />
<br />
www.facebook.com/nicepeter<br />

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Submitted: 02/09/2011
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