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Lyircs<br />
Hey baby wake up from your a sleep<br />
We have arrived onto the future<br />
And the whole world is become....<br />
Elektronik, Supersonik,<br />
Supersonik, Elektronik,<br />
Hey baby ride with me away,<br />
We doesn't have much time,<br />
My blue jeans is tight,<br />
So onto my love rocket, climb,<br />
Inside tank of fuel is not fuel, but love,<br />
Above us, there is nothing above,<br />
but the stars, above<br />
All systems gone!<br />
Prepare for downcount!<br />
5....4....3....1! Off blast!<br />
Fly away, my space rocket,<br />
You no need put money in my pocket<br />
The door is closed I just lock it,<br />
(Ha) I put my (Ha) port plug in your socket (Ha Ha Ha)<br />
The sonic sky is bright like fire<br />
You and me gets higher and higher<br />
Cut communication wire<br />
Only thing can stop us is flat tire<br />
Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha<br />
Hey love crusaider<br />
I want to be your space invader<br />
For you I will decend the deepest moon crater<br />
I is more stronger than Darth Vapour<br />
Obey me I is your new dictator<br />
For you is Venus, I am Mars<br />
With you I is more richer than all the tzars<br />
Make a wishes on a shooting stars<br />
Then for you I will play on my cosmic guitars!<br />
Ladies and Gentlemen<br />
Fasten your beltseats<br />
We has commenced our decent<br />
I trust you enjoy this flight<br />
As much as you enjoy this accent<br />
Now back on Earth its time for downsplash<br />
Into sea of eternal glory my spaceship crash<br />
People have arrived for cheer me from near and far<br />
And as I float I open door and shout<br />
&quot;I am worlds biggest, washed-up superstar!&quot;<br />
(Supersonik, Elektronik)<br />
As for sure as the sun rises in the west<br />
Of all the seas and all the boats I am the bestest<br />
come, let me put ring of Jupiter on your finger<br />
Then like a smell around you I will forever linger<br />
Ok, is time for end, no more will I sang<br />
Let me take you back in time,<br />
I want for you to experience big bang<br />
Long live space race<br />
Long live, Molvania

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User avatar #2 - Spectacularity
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(01/26/2011) [-]
Lady Gaga.
The early years
User avatar #1 - siridontcare
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(01/26/2011) [-]
so fail its funny