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Minecraft Song

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Written and performed by Eric Fullerton - twitter.com/nailhead<br />
<br />
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=== LYRICS ===<br />
<br />
Woke up this morning on the beach,<br />
Started walking, it's my regular routine.<br />
I was on the search for some diamonds,<br />
Let me tell you just what I've seen.<br />
<br />
I saw...<br />
<br />
a castle with a view,<br />
fields of bamboo,<br />
guy from Kung Fu,<br />
a giant screw,<br />
a kangaroo,<br />
some chicken stew,<br />
and the woman who lived in a shoe.<br />
<br />
I saw...<br />
<br />
a white whale,<br />
the holy grail,<br />
Pirate ships without a sail,<br />
air mail,<br />
volcano fail,<br />
pyramids not to scale,<br />
and some things I should not go into detail.<br />
<br />
You never know what you will find<br />
shaping a world that's in your mind.<br />
See for yourself and walk with me<br />
<br />
A world of wonder, a land of beauty.<br />
Across the mountains and over the sea<br />
but I still haven't found any diamonds.<br />
<br />
I've been walking around for miles,<br />
still no diamonds to be found.<br />
Maybe I should look underground.<br />
<br />
I started digging a hole,<br />
drilling through dirt, then I fell through,<br />
landed in some water.<br />
What have I gotten myself into?<br />
<br />
I saw...<br />
<br />
Lava lake near the core,<br />
Kratos from God of War<br />
mushroom spore,<br />
liquor store,<br />
statue of dumbledore.<br />
<br />
Wooden shed with a bed,<br />
spiders and the undead,<br />
arrowhead,<br />
loaf of bread,<br />
giant spool of golden thread.<br />
<br />
I saw a sparkle in the dark.<br />
I put my axe right through that mark.<br />
At last found me some diamonds.<br />
Oh I'm so happy I could ride a pig!

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the creator is in a podcast named "The shaft" it is actually quite funny and informative, im not a thumb whore and im not trying to advertise but minecraft fans should check it out either by itunes or look them up on google