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Final Fantasy Spoof - The Call of Supoku


One ring to rule them all... Ooops, wrong movie.<br />
Telemarketing curses are occuring everywhere! People who answers the phone are getting really weird.<br />
Supoku have three minutes until his brother answers the phone, will he get there in time?!<br />
Another final fantasy rpg parody made by FF Productions. With Rafael &quot;Spock&quot; Baliu as the main hero, Fernando Medici Guerra Martins as the brother in danger and Fabio Tabah as the hero's friend.<br />
Sounds and music from Zelda and FF.<br />
<br />
Please, don't say it's not original ok? Even if there already exist parodies for FF like College Saga and Ultimate Utopia XXIII, we got some original ideas that will be exploited in this and futures episodes from the TCoS (The Call of Supoku) series. Thanks.<br />
<br />
Wouldn't you like to play this video game role playing game (RPG) on your PS2, PS3, wii, Xbox, 360 or even in your psp or ds and help Supoku? Okay, this may not be mg4 or gtaiv, but we bet you would like it anyways...<br />
<br />
For this video, we used a mini-dv camcoder and the adobe softwares after effects and premiere. The tutorials are on the making (but will take long, since it's not our priority now)

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