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Dissing Miley


This video is so jokes-<br />
LYRICS<br />
Yeah, the rumors are true<br />
She deleted her Twitter<br />
But that's cool, MILEY!<br />
Cause I ain't trippin<br />
You said adios<br />
You had to say Good-bye<br />
But I don't give a st<br />
... and this is why.<br />
No it wasn't because<br />
my friend told me to<br />
They know very well<br />
That I don't care about you.<br />
And the reasons are simple<br />
EW!, you twitted about a pimple??!?!!<br />
You rap like a mormon<br />
and you date older people.<br />
First of all... It's TYPING and TEXTING!<br />
People don't WRITE things on Twitter!<br />
... and who the @#$! is Noah?<br />
Didn't he like build and Ark or something???<br />
Everything that you TYPE<br />
and everything that you do,<br />
I don't care. I clean up dog s
t<br />
...that's more important than you!!!<br />
You're just a girl<br />
who will always be HANNAH!<br />
and Then... (phone rings)

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#1 - Roxiekiss [OP]
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(11/15/2009) [-]
I don't like Miley and this made me laugh