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Dance of the Manwhore


I had to repost this because it disappeared thanks to the server problems &amp;gt;_&amp;gt;<br />
Love as large as brontosaurus<br />
Passion like a bleeding walrus<br />
Our love is real it's no mirage<br />
Want to lock you in my garage<br />
Climb upon my trusty steed<br />
Later you will taste my seed<br />
This heart of mine is yours to capture<br />
From now until velocirapture<br />
I wield my passion like an axe<br />
It's warm and gooey just like wax<br />
You cannot tame such juicy lust,<br />
can you withstand my manly musk?<br />
Roses are red, violets are blue<br />
I must eat yogurt off of you<br />
Know that I can never hold back - ocean/rocks<br />
That might be why I smoke the crack<br />
My father never loved me..<br />
Love is like a ripened squid,<br />
It stinks with limp appendages.<br />
You scratch the rash that's on my ass,<br />
The itch only love can surpass.<br />
Yogurt is a dish best served chilled<br />
Forgot to get my prescription filled.<br />
Tonight I will have sex with you,<br />
Then we will prepare a stew.<br />
So just lie down and let me touch,<br />
I promise you it won't hurt much<br />
Stalk like a lizard of the night<br />
Come closer, Fernando won't bite<br />
Tears and screams of pain and pleasure<br />
Are gifts we will share forever <br />
Drenched deep in sweaty brine<br />
is this blood yours or mine?

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Such a epic song.. Looped it a newgrounds for about 2 hours