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Princess Bride with lightsabers


A new twist on one of the best swordfights ever. I started this little project three years ago as a way of learning my effects software. After the first five shots or so I had figured out the software reasonably well, so I rarely touched it after that. I finally finished it and hope you like it.<br />
<br />
The first few shots are a bit rough because I was just getting going, but the quality improves as I got better at what I was doing. I used Adobe After Effects with some cool plug-ins for the effects, Adobe Audition to re-work the soundtrack (extracting swords clanging and the like) and Premiere Pro to put it all together.<br />
<br />
The final project consisted of three video layers and ten soundtracks. I downloaded the sound effects from various sources on the Internet.<br />
<br />
The scene from &quot;The Princess Bride&quot; is called &quot;The Chatty Duelists&quot; on the DVD. It's my favorite swordfight, and one of my favorite scenes in a really great movie. If this video ever gets to any of the people responsible for making &quot;The Princess Bride,&quot; thank you, and I hope you found it amusing.

Views: 835 Submitted: 12/12/2010