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Built a Time Machine to Kill Hitler

You know that roommate that gets an iPhone, and brags about this &quot;great peice of technology&quot; but he only ever uses it for stupid crap like cats playing piano?<br />
It's that with a time machine.<br />
Oh, and it's an homage to Primer, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Terminator, Back the the Future (1 and 3 only) and any other time travel movie (except for Back to the Future 2)<br />
Staring Ian Carlsen and Ritchie Wilson<br />
Directed by Ritchie Wilson<br />
AD Jordan Scott<br />
Videographer Kyle Bourgoin<br />
Sound Abbey Greslick<br />
33 Time Travel Jokes written and compiled by<br />
Charles Mead<br />
Josh Citarella<br />
Ritchie Wilson

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Submitted: 11/05/2009
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Excellent video.
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