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I Wanna get a Billion views

Billionaire Parody - No keyboard cats were harmed in the making of this film. By You need to login to view this link <br />
Starring Monty Geer and Jonny Gorenc<br />
Lyrics<br />
CHORUS<br />
I wanna get a billion views so frickin' bad<br />
Have all the subscribers one could have<br />
I wanna be on the homepage of Reddit and Digg<br />
Then I'll know I finally made it big<br />
Oh every time I'd go online<br />
My movie's got a million likes...yeah<br />
100,000 views a night<br />
Oh, youtube---id be a dream come true<br />
If I had a billion views<br />
VERSE 1:<br />
Yeah I would have an ad like shamwow, make a stupid dance now<br />
Like the numa numa dude, then I'll auto-tune the news<br />
I'd probably try to do a cool little backflip<br />
And fall right off the table like--- that one fat chick<br />
Take away my son's warcraft and have him go bat **** <br />
And show ya how to trick folks to think you're attractive <br />
It's been a couple months since-- I've been rick rolled<br />
So I'll just put up &quot;zac efron naked!&quot; and trick hoes <br />
haha-- get it? and you gon hear me singing chocolate rain<br />
I'll grow some emo hair and call myself dawson shane <br />
Yeah-- and when I'm done with my video--<br />
I'ma eat some waffle fries for free-- that's unforgivable!<br />
CHORUS<br />
Oh every time I'd go online<br />
My view count would be just sublime...yeah<br />
Most watched video all time<br />
Oh, my....youtube---id be a dream come true<br />
If I had a billion views<br />
VERSE 2:<br />
I would take a little kid to the dentist, use him for my benefit<br />
exploit him cuz the medicine was messin with his head a bit<br />
i could wear my pants on the ground and make a record quick<br />
Or i could even say there's a rapist in my development<br />
Yea and I would tell the world that they done goofed<br />
Cuz I watched two girls 1 cup and I done puked<br />
Id probably beg for ya'll to just leave Britney Spears alone<br />
That would be more amazing than a double rainbow<br />
And not a single person would vote my<br />
Video thumbs down cuz they'd know that it's so fly<br />
I know we all have a similar dream<br />
Go in your pocket, pull out ya camera turn it on and let to stream<br />
CHORUS<br />
I wanna get a billion views so frickin' bad<br />
Even though it's getting kind of sad<br />
I wanna lose my virginity, and find a pretty chick<br />
I bet that bastard Fred gets laid so quick<br />
(Whatup youtube???)<br />
My life is turning to pretend<br />
You see it through my camera lens<br />
But I still don't have any friends<br />
Oh, my...youtube---Id be a dream come true<br />
If I had a billion views<br />
If I had a billion views<br />
I want to get a billion views so frickin' bad

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User avatar #1 - mememantis (12/09/2010) [-]
the end was ******* funny as **** .
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