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I could've used kerosene, gasoline, ect. But I found that the good old fashioned method felt just right. That's one less copy of this terrible book that no one has to read.

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Submitted: 10/31/2009
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#107 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
its burning in sunlight so i guess that makes it more of a vampire than anything in the actual story
User avatar #36 - sgtpaint (10/31/2009) [-]
i keep that book in my bathroom...........to wipe my ass with.
#241 - Hawild (11/01/2009) [+] (5 replies)
Wow, you have successfully burned a BOOK. Who do i see to get the last 1:32 of my life back?
#242 to #241 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
You mean you watched all of it so that you could bitch about it?
#115 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
looked like at the begining even the fire didnt want it
#256 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
Burn a jonas vrothers album next
#736 - RagingRaptor (11/24/2009) [+] (5 replies)
I shall get the MOST thumbs DOWNS ever!!! Ready?
THUMBS ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love twilight, think us men should get our own sammiches, Danny p and Fat Ben are my absolute heros, I think fat chicks are awesome, chuck norris is an absolute pussy, i wish rosey o donnel would take off her shirt and marry me, George Bush and oBam are the biggest gangsters in the world, I love thumb whores, I think athiests are stupid, i love soft rock, I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS AND HANNAH MONTANA!!! Justin Bieber is better than Batman for sure, Edward Cullen is my hubby.
#321 - mr skeltal (11/02/2009) [-]
personaly i would have just hollowed it out, **** in it, then returned it to the library. would have saved someone alot of reading to find out what it really is
#132 - iLuld **User deleted account** (11/01/2009) [+] (4 replies)
It wasn't the book that was bad! It was that damn movie that made it seem the movie AND the book was bad, it should of been the movie that should of been burned.
#30 - mr skeltal (10/31/2009) [-]
God's will has been done
#58 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
*whipes away a single tear*
You sir are a hero.
#70 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
aw great, now the air is polluted with twilight particles! That's worse than smog! You should have recycled it. It would have been much more useful as a roll of toilet paper.
#552 - mr skeltal (11/10/2009) [-]
So....beautiful *cries*
#143 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
i give this my seal of approval
#849 - mr skeltal (12/23/2009) [+] (3 replies)
******* ******* . they piss me the **** off. they act like we owe them for what we did back in the past. they need to get their black asses out of the past and into the ******* future. I have a good ****** joke here to tell. whats the difference between apples and ******* ?? apples look better hanging from trees!!! haha omg so funny :) **** ******* GO KKK!!!!
#850 to #849 - mr skeltal (12/27/2009) [-]
What the **** , you prick.
User avatar #593 - lolggpwned (11/14/2009) [+] (4 replies)
hey ur contributing to global warming!
User avatar #596 to #593 - poleelop (11/14/2009) [-]
meh, global warming will kill us tommorow, twilight is killing us today
#334 - mr skeltal (11/02/2009) [-]
#679 - mr skeltal (11/20/2009) [+] (6 replies)
No matter if its Twilight or any other stupid book you should never burn them cause Hitler burned books so if you burn books you are pretty much worshiping the nazi ways. Also burning books is a horrible thing to do.
#686 to #679 - mr skeltal (11/21/2009) [-]
Yes. Because the burning of a badly written teen romance novel is the same as mass genocide.
Get a brain, asshole.
#207 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [+] (3 replies)
that is by far the best series i've ever read, its just no one gives it a chance and think its so stupid, i dont no anyone that has read and not loved it
#210 to #207 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
i would rather read the dictionary
#190 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [+] (3 replies)
OH MY GOD?!?! WHAT SICK MONSTER WOULD DOOOO THAT??? WHAT A WASTE OF 19dollars??? Why not just print a picture and burn that???? Somewhere in this world, there's a little girl crying because she can't afford to read twilight and here you are burning 19 DOLLARS!!!!

lol... but that was hilarioius
#194 to #190 - mr skeltal (11/01/2009) [-]
it was 19 dollar but it was worth it
#9 - mr skeltal (10/31/2009) [+] (2 replies)
twilight rules!
#12 to #9 - mr skeltal (10/31/2009) [-]
Really? Because the forbidden fruit is on the front which made all the worlds problems. Including Hitler. Reading this book is like Saluting Hitler. Do you want to salute Hitler? You Jew hating Prick
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