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Wow. The English language used properly!


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This song is about a wannabe gangster who tries to do drivebys and then finds out the congestion fees mean it will cost him a fortune... so he writes to the mayor. <br />
<br />
Instrumental is Wiley: Morgue<br />
<br />
LYRICS:<br />
<br />
I wanna hang richest bitches,<br />
Get em drunk and take pictures, which is,<br />
a bit creepy I know but I'll risk it.<br />
I've flicked more beans than a spark has switches<br />
<br />
Girls go for the gangsters right, like<br />
Drivebys in the middle of the night,<br />
And so I tried one then I got hit by a fright<br />
Boris Johnson had cost me 6.99<br />
<br />
That's a lot for congestion,<br />
So as a gangster I asked him a question,<br />
Wrote him a letter with a couple of suggestions.<br />
Privatise all the public sections.<br />
<br />
Dear Borris I am writing,<br />
Well I'm on a p.c. so I'm actually typing.<br />
And as a gangster I'm hyping,<br />
about 6.99 for a lap in a driveby.<br />
<br />
These fees your creating and making<br />
taking the piss and my heads aching, im stating,<br />
i got a hard time with the dating, <br />
I'm getting less gash than a monk from Bejing.<br />
<br />
BUAAA and bare pissed off and ****,<br />
I wanna pull a girl whose moderately fit.<br />
and cos im broke your making me look like a tit<br />
So just lower the prices a bit<br />
<br />
A couple weeks later.<br />
I got a letter in the post, had well posh paper.<br />
And it was sealed with a stapler.<br />
So I went to my room and consumed all the data.<br />
<br />
Dear Ian I am writing, <br />
in response to your letter about prices rising<br />
but you gotta realise these prices,<br />
encourage the people to use bikes start cycling.<br />
Most people think I'm right wing.<br />
But you gotta understand, this is more than a &quot;hype ting&quot;.<br />
<br />
See, I'm urbanly literate,<br />
Some times like you, I don't give a ****.<br />
<br />
Anyway, it's all about the o zone,<br />
you can moan but research has shown<br />
that a rise in fees for for the london zone<br />
put carbon emissions at an all time low. <br />
<br />
So, all I'm saying is merely,<br />
If you're gonna be committed to the drivebys really,<br />
Then you gotta think clearly,<br />
Get a hybrid car or a or a moped ideally.<br />
<br />
So what I'm saying is the choice is yours,<br />
If you want to get drunk and pull whores,<br />
Then continue to fight your cause,<br />
but within 10 years you'll be buried as a corpse.<br />
<br />
So just think when your driving,<br />
With congestion fees the environments thriving.<br />
And while carbon is diving,<br />
as the mayor of your town, I won't stop striving.

Views: 780 Submitted: 11/24/2010
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#3 - anon
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(11/24/2010) [-]
non english/british people won't get what he's rapping about.
#2 - yuracrazy
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(11/24/2010) [-]
gangster? mayb in his country
User avatar #1 - Macketa
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(11/24/2010) [-]
was that proper english? i couldn't understand his british accent most of the time