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LYRICS:<br />
Shaquille O'Neal with a cold is a tall black cough-y (coffee),<br />
And so is Michael Jackson, 'cept with cream in his naugh-tea<br />
I'm normalized, formalized, I keep 'em organized<br />
But when a girl ****** a bird I left her she was ostracized<br />
Never got circumcised, wouldn't let them hack it,<br />
Now whenever I masturbate I roll down my Jack-it Jacket<br />
Challenge me to a duel, my Epee sends you careening,<br />
And it'll foil your allergies too, DUAL (DUEL) MEANING.<br />
Bro and dude are names for n00bs<br />
But you can call me bra(h) cause i like to hold your boobs<br />
I got the Magic Bullet to do my ice crushing,<br />
But in theory, it just made a JFK brain slushie.<br />
Wordplay,<br />
You'd think that you were at a show about the life of Noah Webster.<br />
Wordplay,<br />
Just like Steven Hawking's prostitute, he's gonna blow your mind<br />
I DE-bate, that's when the girls take my bait, just ask her,<br />
But I gotta RE-bate, or else I'll just be the master.<br />
Got a flat tire in Notre Dame, it made my car a Quasi-moto,<br />
Then I bought a &quot;Black Dog&quot; from &quot;Led Zeppelin&quot; named &quot;Toto&quot;<br />
Saw a hooker at a gas station, tried to get a few pumps with my purchase,<br />
But her hand was broken, guess that makes her out-of-service<br />
I saw two eggs getting dirty and bumpy,<br />
If they want it in the butt, is it humpty-in-the-dumpty?<br />
I'm a tap-dancing testicular surgeon, I do my work in my ballroom<br />
A racial minority rapper, call me Dr. Snoop Livingstone, I presume<br />
Met a manicurist, she was good with her hands,<br />
But first-things-first, I went and finger-nailed her in my van<br />
Got my shank on my hip, when I'm on my ship,<br />
You'll snip your tip if you lose your grip,<br />
If you rip your slip we'll want a strip,<br />
If you flip and trip you'll slip a nip<br />
I wanna skinny dip with my nippy pip,<br />
But the hippie gypsies clip my slippy trip,<br />
Their hip lips drip in my chip dip,<br />
Missed a joke there, guess I skipped the quip.<br />
West Coast, L.A., they settle things the funky way,<br />
They Prop it and lock it to make marriage less gay<br />
Roll Dandelions in paper to make a weed joint<br />
I'm not gay, I don't float, but I'm still flamboyant,<br />
I know you got your period but I still wanna make you come-a<br />
Mix your Red State and your Blue State just like I'm Obama<br />
Put my lip-stick to your mouth and you might get a facial,<br />
Make your black skin so white, people'll think you're bi-racial<br />
Clocks have hands and faces, and if ya wanna be a bum,<br />
Rub 'em in the right places and the time will come<br />
My ho's are down to earth, that's a gardening quip,<br />
I knew a slut on Titantic, she went down on the ship.

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#1 - Alarika
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(11/20/2010) [-]
very good.
very good.