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The Online Gamer: Black Ops Part 2

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Thumbs, comment, enjoy!<br />
Part 1 --&gt; /youtube/1217419/The+Online+Gamer+Black+Ops+Part+1/<br />
Part 3 --&gt; /youtube/1235986/The+Online+Gamer+Black+Ops+Part+3/<br />
Directed by Jason Schnell<br />
Written by Lindsey Reckis<br />
Story by Lindsey Reckis, Jason Schnell and Eric Pumphrey<br />
Produced by Eric Pumphrey<br />
Edited by Jason Schnell &amp;amp;amp; Clark Huff<br />
Camera A: Clark Huff<br />
Camera B: Mark Burton<br />
Starring:<br />
Eric Pumphrey as Aaron<br />
Davan O'Firinn as Ted<br />
Nick Boshier as Rick<br />
Duffy Dibley as Kent (W.O.W. nemesis)<br />
Justin Mooney as Lance (Kent's friend)<br />
Morgan Krantz as Male Customer<br />
Extras:Tiber McCormick and Eli James

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its like everyone that ever yelled on mw2 got crushed in to one black guy