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Amazing Orgasms

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Any woman. Any orgasm. Any time. Jason Sereno, creator of the 'How to Get Laid with Facebook' workshop series, brings you UNLOCK THE O -- a new DVD that will redefine 21st century lovemaking. Any woman. Any orgasm. Any time. UNLOCK THE O! Discover more at You need to login to view this link <br />
Directed by James Milner<br />
Written by and Starring Jason Sereno<br />
Produced by Jason Sereno and Andrew Balek<br />
Featuring the unpaid and unsolicited talents of (in order of appearance) Jacqui Alberto, Adam Hall, Heidi Miller, Jason Bice, Anais Fairweather, Chris Spry, Shannon Fitzpatrick, Melissa Beck and Roger Mohn.<br />
Casting by Jason Sereno<br />
Edited by L.B. Brodie<br />
Color by Andrew Balek<br />
Graphics mostly by Jason Sereno, some by Andrew Balek<br />
100 PERCENT OF DVD box art by Jason Sereno<br />
Audio recorded by Jason Bice and mixed by Matthew Quinley<br />
Music Director: Matthew Quinley<br />
Special thanks to Tito's Tacos<br />
Discover more at You need to login to view this link

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