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Meanwhile In Russia

I'm going to take a chance on posting this on the regular page since it's hard to see his junk..... If this offends you let me know.... But this is as funny as funny gets....

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Submitted: 11/04/2010
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User avatar #29 - NAPOM (11/05/2010) [-]
CLEARLY the greased up deaf guy from family guy needs to lay off the vodka...
User avatar #1 - WHATTHEPISSTRAINE (11/04/2010) [+] (7 replies)
you cant get flagged for yourtube vids.. How the **** is this on youtube idk XD
#24 - anonymous (11/05/2010) [-]
god i love my homeland
User avatar #10 - WolfPrince (11/04/2010) [+] (2 replies)
4:18 wtf is that thing?
User avatar #33 - TheBrickShitter (11/09/2010) [-]
and not a single **** was given that day.
#32 - anonymous (11/06/2010) [-]
#30 - ingazar (11/05/2010) [-]
what the monkey
User avatar #28 - shadowofnight (11/05/2010) [-]
wow those russian guys really cant throw punches very well, though i suppose i wouldnt want to come into contact with some random naked guy
User avatar #26 - Liiw (11/05/2010) [-]
Wow- that red Lada, he was jumping on, had a car alarm. Cool
#25 - Mutador (11/05/2010) [-]
The Naked Man: You're doing it wrong
#23 - GeTSoMeFooL **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#22 - Mikerowave (11/04/2010) [-]
Did anyone else notice the dog in the pink jacket thing at :35 comes back at 5:40
User avatar #7 - flesheater ONLINE (11/04/2010) [-]
where is it anyway looks like russia
User avatar #5 - lirki (11/04/2010) [-]
That's gonna be a hell of a hangover.
User avatar #4 - IFalconKickYou (11/04/2010) [-]
It looks like something off balls of steel, or dirty sanchez xD
#2 - anonymous (11/04/2010) [-]
************** this is too damn funny!!! hahaha i love at the beginning especially where he's just flat out provoking the guy in the van
#31 - anonymous (11/05/2010) [-]
I defanitely would have pulled out my spyderco on that guy if he was doing that to my car.
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