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Harry Potter Rap Battle

Exclusive! Harry Potter vs. Voldemort in an epic rap battle to determine who is the ultimate wizard! Indy Mogul features the Voldemort make-up effect in this Original Short test film. <br />
'Build' episode: www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0HYP9OMpmc&fmt=6 <br />
Download the MP3: You need to login to view this link <br />
You need to login to view this link <br />
Lyrics:<br />
Voldemort #1: <br />
I'm the darkest dark wizard in all of history,<br />
I'll slay your ass out like Cedric Diggory. <br />
With a wave of my finger Ill put you on the floor<br />
You's a punk ass little kid without Dumbeldore, <br />
I'm the best wizard rapper you ever will see,<br />
you're a peewee witch midget with a dead mommy.<br />
I've got multiple souls and can raise the dead<br />
If you think you can win then you've been sorely misled <br />
Harry #1 <br />
You's a big bald fairy, you think I'm scared of you<br />
I smoked basilisk and I'll smoke you too. <br />
I got witches in class I got witches in the halls<br />
If you look under my cloak, you'll see my Hagrid size balls. <br />
I win at wizard duels, I win at wizard chess,<br />
Got platinum coated DUBS on my Hogwart's Express <br />
You can't touch me son, I drive magic cars<br />
I dish out big hurt you just pass out little scars! <br />
Voldemort #2<br />
Poor little Harry, you're such darling lad.<br />
Do you miss you uncle? Your Mom? Your Dad?<br />
Oh that's right I killed em, you're little owl too.<br />
All your friends are next, I'll cut right through your crew.<br />
You look like Marcy from Peanuts and your wand is tiny<br />
Is that why you couldn't close the deal with Hermoine?<br />
My boyz are called death eaters, they're black magic studs<br />
They'll make you disappear, they don't care for mudbloods<br />
You can never find me, it's like trying to catch smoke<br />
You hide from me with your punk ass cloak.<br />
You think your invisible, but I can see through that! <br />
I'll run up with my wand and go RATA TAT TAT<br />
Harry #2<br />
Say it don't spray it your breath smells like a grave<br />
Your teeth look like tombstones and your nose is concave<br />
Your head looks like a golf ball your face looks like a lizard<br />
Here's the toll free number for the hair club for wizards <br />
The toughest gang around is Gryffindor crew,<br />
wizards drive by's is what we do<br />
When dementors try to ice me I step right up and own em<br />
I crack a butter beer and say &quot;Expecto Patronum&quot;! <br />
Song written by Mark Douglas &amp; Erik Beck<br />
Performed by Mark Douglas<br />
Beats by: www.myspace.com/jakechudnow

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Submitted: 10/05/2010
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