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User avatar #1 - MitchellK
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(10/02/2010) [-]
It has more views then thumbs because most people fell asle
User avatar #2 to #1 - MotherFuckingTobi
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(10/02/2010) [-]
thats not true. i watched the whole thi
#3 - anon id: 3a2e3109
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(12/13/2010) [-]
Thanks for the tips. I will give it a try except the soundproof room method. That one is too costly for me. Besides of that, I just found a method from other site that taught me how to train myself to sleep faster. Here is the way to do it:
1. Think for a phase/mantra like "beautiful world", "I am one", "I love you".
2. Keep repeat it in your mind and follow the rhythm of your breathing.
3. Keep practicing daily.

Worth to try it.

Here is a link of a e-book that might help someone with sleep disorder.
Take a look if you interested.
<a href=" [url deleted] quot;>how to fall asleep fast</a>