you laugh you lose. .. wow, what a hilarious prank. shave fire
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you laugh you lose

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Submitted: 05/16/2014
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#1 - pulpunderground ONLINE (05/16/2014) [-]
wow, what a hilarious prank.   
  I am being sarcastic
wow, what a hilarious prank.

I am being sarcastic
#3 - theblargypargler (05/16/2014) [-]
Apparently lighting your friends on fire is a funny joke.
#7 - micekill (05/17/2014) [-]
heh, i remember when pranks would involve getting drenched in water or any other liquid or just getting a fake lottery ticket, people have gone to such lengths to try and be "funny" that they endanger each other in stupid stunts, not only that, they just hurt each other without any kind of elaborate scheme for the joke to take place, this is no prank, this is just douchebaggery
User avatar #4 - hellomynameisbill (05/17/2014) [+] (1 reply)
yes, second degree burns, ******* hilarious. this is totally couldn't permanently disfigure or blind someone.
#5 - sebgun ONLINE (05/17/2014) [-]
#9 - datfozzy (05/17/2014) [-]
I win
Where's the money?
#8 - thesinfuljin (05/17/2014) [-]
It ain't easy, being crispy.
#6 - anonymous (05/17/2014) [-]
that gif loaded slow for me so i thought they were REAAALLLLLY hlding it over is face for a whille
User avatar #2 - ghostninjaguy ONLINE (05/16/2014) [-]
Fire does not affect the spawn of Satan
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