why aren't we funding this. 1 v 1 me faggot. Real life ' d. paintball field. Because all the CoD fags are too busy playing CoD and everyone else hates CoD? lol Noob
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why aren't we funding this

1 v 1 me faggot

Tags: lol | Noob
Real life ' d. paintball field
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Submitted: 08/04/2014
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#7 - lincolnpenis (08/05/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Because all the CoD fags are too busy playing CoD and everyone else hates CoD?
User avatar #1 - collateraldamageco (08/04/2014) [+] (3 replies)
If people didn't fund it how did it get built?
User avatar #15 - whiteniggers (08/05/2014) [+] (13 replies)
gonna be called out as a fanboy here or some ****

but some of the team fortress 2 maps are a ******* perfect paintball arena. ******* walls and gaps and windows and **** across every single one, just saying it would be amazing to have a paintball game on 2fort or badwater
#3 - thelizardlord (08/04/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Did anyone say nukes?
#33 - thatmetalguy (08/05/2014) [+] (19 replies)
I like COD much more than Battlefield honestly. I just can't get the hang of Battlefield. I like the mind numbing "pew pew pew, done" of COD.
#60 - orsh (08/05/2014) [+] (12 replies)
>Not playing Superior Airsoft
>top lel
#61 to #60 - itsbendingtime (08/05/2014) [-]

top kek airsoft is paintball for kiddies who are poor and afraid of pain
#68 - haloforlife (08/05/2014) [-]
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User avatar #58 - leonhardt (08/05/2014) [-]
>"Why aren't we funding this?"
>Already completed

Gee, I ****** wonder why.
User avatar #64 - thurah (08/05/2014) [-]
crazy how nature make dat
User avatar #46 - tiles (08/05/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I love every single Call of Duty right up to Black Ops.
After Black Ops, in my opinion , is where things started to become stupid and disappointing.
#56 - crellow (08/05/2014) [-]
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User avatar #4 - slayedsoul (08/05/2014) [+] (3 replies)
User avatar #28 - bomberbib (08/05/2014) [+] (1 reply)
But wouldnt all the paint splatters ruin it?
#30 to #28 - mountaintroll (08/05/2014) [-]
Water soluble paintballs.
User avatar #27 - bowmasta (08/05/2014) [-]
Nuketown Paintball Field x HK Army

To the guy a few comments below who said "there are more camper IRL than in CoD", usually the people who "camp" are newer players. Any wait experience under their belt moves as much as they can. The other team can't find you if you constantly move spots.

I'v listened to renters for about a year now and they always sit in the back bunker their first game. They don't know if its going to hurt or not, They don't understand our field is long enough where a ball wont go from one side to the other. Here at my field people know to move though, so games don't last for ages.

They recreated a map a Hollywood Sports IIRC a few years back when either MW2 or BL came out, I think it was Scrapyard. It was funny, IIRC they blasted random sound clips throughout the games.
User avatar #72 - zahnrad (08/05/2014) [-]
Fun fact: The population number changes depending on how many players there are.

I think this doesn't happen in different versions.
User avatar #71 - epicpoke ONLINE (08/05/2014) [-]
I don't see why everyone hates CoD. I like being able to pick it up and play for 10 minutes and still feel like I am progressing through the game.
#59 - anonymous (08/05/2014) [-]
***** waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
User avatar #40 - Bakerlalalalala ONLINE (08/05/2014) [-]
People are funding this if its a paintball area
User avatar #31 - worldatarms ONLINE (08/05/2014) [-]
Because if you get a paintball hit at you from point blank range, it hurts.
This is just going to lead to a long time of hurts
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