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#4 - soulkiller (01/17/2014) [-]
Wait a minute... that means the boss also cloned himself

Or the boss hired employees to kick all of the clones of the building
#7 to #4 - anonexplains (01/18/2014) [-]
what makes you say that? he wasn't thrown out the window nor did he die
#8 to #7 - anonexplains (01/18/2014) [-]
He threw out nine clones simultaneously.
#35 to #8 - anonexplains (01/18/2014) [-]
Its not necessarily the boss who throws out the clones.
#36 to #35 - chupavisor (01/18/2014) [-]
...that's what the spoiler was in the thread's opening statement...
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