well worth the read. . Anonymous 0610% Eff u : ND.' |' we deployed employed to the ticks armpit on the asshole mired up EMRE' s only feeds available Suzanna CUP
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well worth the read

Anonymous 0610% Eff u : ND.' |'
we deployed
employed to the ticks armpit on the asshole mired up
EMRE' s only feeds available Suzanna CUP
anew gum/ coffee/ ranger/ lint/ rs
merely scrape by, thanks to the large quantities coming in care packages ttom middle schoolers
wet rotated back to main FEE for some ******** briefing
it harddrive
Chili Mac MRE enroute
raise consume both the cinnamon gum AND the coffee pack, hoping to enjoy ******** in something otherthan a . drum w/ a piece offly' wood over it
met to FEE in time for noon chow
Holy mother offal's, they have CRAB LEGS and STEAK
enough crab legs and steam had to undo top button on pants
through yhr briefing....
doing very good impression
execuse self
ego to lovely, airconditioned, CHU ******** conveniently M ttom deedee briefing room
ball sound and fury, he substance
gums down to low rumble
breburn to briefing
Continued for your reading pleasure
Anonymous 0610% Eff u : No.
Continued for your pleasure!
wet the 'crickets' treatment upon reentering
eonly enlisted
laas farting so hard it shoolayce projector
we impressed with self
anew minutes later...
goes ttom discontented grumble to trying to an hurricane in about 3 seconds
slump to feet, bolt for exit
drillbird literally grabs me by the collar
where you ? Youve already missed havethe "
whitewater spraying out of my ass so hard its being blown through the fabric my boxers AND my DCU' s
exploiter 3 entire rows rrjunior officers with *********
pressurized liquid **** explodes ttom my anus for a solid
bl cannot remain on my feet
to hands and knees, ass pointed to the heavens as debugging for salvation ttom this torment
finally, the torrent tapers off
elm so physically exhausted I' m struggling to breathe
starts the slow clap
ewe stench. cm my God the stench. 4 months and Texas stench released in a span founder a minute
emetics have to wheel me out on a gurney, I' m too stand
ewe incident was never mentioned again within our unit
And so ends the story on how I managed to **** on hat.
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Submitted: 02/05/2014
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User avatar #1 - cubicalpayload (02/05/2014) [+] (1 reply)
That story sounds like a bunch of **** to me.
#4 - evebishop (02/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
(and yes it is worth the read)
#3 - fnoogernooger (02/05/2014) [-]
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