wasted. so im not sure if these are unfunny or outdated on here but i just wanted to dump my wasted gifs on here for the fun on it! and the last one is for and
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A one-year-old has been seriously injured in China after being thrown into the air by his neighbour.
Cheng Wang, 38, threw the child during an argument over a water heater in Xinji township, leaving him with multiple fractures.
The argument started when Wang caught his neighbour's nine-year-old son, Lei, throwing stones at the solar panels attached to his water heater.

Wang went next door to confront his neighbour, Meng Tuan, 30, but found he was in the middle of a large family celebration for his brother's 40th birthday.

However the partygoers, who witnesses say had been drinking, didn't take kindly to the interruption and began insulting Wang.
They laughed at him and threatened him. He was pushed, shoved and finally slapped. Feeling cornered, Cheng ran and, in a bid to divert attention from himself, grabbed the child and threw him into the air.

'We do not consider it an act of pre-meditated violence, but it was an assault,' said a police spokesman.
'This man was feeling threatened and looking for a way out. Unfortunately, the innocent baby was seriously injured as a result.'
The baby suffered multiple fractures and was taken to hospital. At first doctors feared for his life but later he was declared out of danger.
The police spokesman added that Cheng was under arrest along with the family of the baby, who are facing a probe for assault and criminal damage.
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someone add wasted to this
someone add wasted to this
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does anyone have the version of the bird running from the explosion that has a gun and helmet shopped in?
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Enjoy, made this one myself from a friend's video
Enjoy, made this one myself from a friend's video
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