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User avatar #554389 - thedudeistheman (07/06/2013) [-]
I want to buy Cube World but I have to be logged in, and the site says I can't create an account because of maintenance. It's said this since the game was released in alpha a few days ago. Has this been happening for anyone else?
User avatar #554399 to #554389 - hardcocker (07/06/2013) [-]
They've said a couple of times they keep getting DDoS'd.
User avatar #554995 to #554399 - thedudeistheman (07/07/2013) [-]
That sucks a big fat duck.
#554396 to #554389 - captainrax (07/06/2013) [-]
read what the developer says on twitter an you will understand why its not avaliable
User avatar #554994 to #554396 - thedudeistheman (07/07/2013) [-]
Ok, thanks. Not sure why that thought didn't occur to me.
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