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#311576 - hargleblarg (01/23/2013) [-]
I have a computer. A computer with a shit graphics card. I need an upgrade but as any regular here will tell you I have no fucking clue when it comes to computers, so I ask for your help.

This is my computer (my grandparents bought it for me as a surprise so I got no say in the matter, but still it's fucking awesome). You need to login to view this link

Suggest some graphics cards that would be compatible with it please, as a reward I offer you this image.
User avatar #311654 to #311576 - omariuso (01/23/2013) [-]
I have it and it's great, you'll play all games at high/ultra. Skyrim will never drop below 60 frames on ultra.
User avatar #311618 to #311576 - lepokerface (01/23/2013) [-]

this has been recommended a lot to people with budgets
User avatar #311604 to #311576 - TheAnonLord (01/23/2013) [-]
Price range?
User avatar #311606 to #311604 - hargleblarg (01/23/2013) [-]
Up to £200 (I think that's around $300)
User avatar #311610 to #311606 - TheAnonLord (01/23/2013) [-]
I would say a GTX 650 or 660... check before you get it to see if it fits
User avatar #311616 to #311610 - hargleblarg (01/23/2013) [-]
How good is that? Names mean nothing to me...
User avatar #311626 to #311616 - TheAnonLord (01/23/2013) [-]
650's and 660's are pretty good graphic cards, they can play most modern games on at 40fps average or more, for less demanding games, like CoD or CounterStrike
User avatar #311630 to #311626 - hargleblarg (01/23/2013) [-]
Sounds damn good. I hardly play modern games. What about something like Skyrim? Could my PC even handle that?
User avatar #311636 to #311630 - TheAnonLord (01/23/2013) [-]
IMO get the 660. Get a second opinion first though
User avatar #311642 to #311640 - TheAnonLord (01/23/2013) [-]
Yea sure
User avatar #311645 to #311642 - hargleblarg (01/23/2013) [-]
Alright, in a few weeks I'll have enough for it, thanks for the help!
User avatar #311646 to #311645 - TheAnonLord (01/23/2013) [-]
No problem
User avatar #311634 to #311630 - TheAnonLord (01/23/2013) [-]
According to Bit Tech, the 660 2GB can run Skyrim at 86 on average.
User avatar #311637 to #311634 - hargleblarg (01/23/2013) [-]
This pleases me immensely.
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