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User avatar #221732 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Hey Gaming Board, I want your opinion.

Lately i've kinda lost interest in games (and I didn't even want to). It seems like i've played everything and nothing seems to entertain me much anymore. I can still get excited about the big new releases, but eventually again I just lost interest.

What do I do GB? Any recommendations for games that might rekindle my flame? (p.s. I'm a big fan of co-op.)
#221810 to #221732 - blnelms **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #221747 to #221732 - Jackimole (11/20/2012) [-]
Is your interest in VGs being superseded by something else? Or are you just looking for game suggestions?
User avatar #221751 to #221747 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Really just any sort of suggestion. Games, anything.
User avatar #221754 to #221751 - Jackimole (11/20/2012) [-]
What genera? Also PC, XBox, PS3?
User avatar #221755 to #221754 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
I'm not too picky, but I am a big fan of co-op. (as stated before)

And mostly Xbox. I do play games on PC, but my PCs' kinda shitty so I don't all the time.
User avatar #221760 to #221755 - markisawesome (11/20/2012) [-]
BL2 is a good co-op game.
User avatar #221764 to #221760 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
I heard the Zombie campaign is interesting. Thoughts?
User avatar #221778 to #221764 - Jackimole (11/20/2012) [-]
I'm entirely PC, but as for coop, L4D2, TF2 has a coop mode, Killing Floor, Portal 2 has a multiplayer mode (not much replay there though imo).
User avatar #221782 to #221778 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Played (and throughly enjoyed) all of those titles. I guess the main problem is people to play with...
User avatar #221791 to #221782 - Jackimole (11/20/2012) [-]
When none of my friends are on, I usually put out an open invitation to this board, which gets mixed results.
User avatar #221787 to #221782 - Jackimole (11/20/2012) [-]
Can you screenshot your steam library?
#221805 to #221787 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Not the largest, but modest.
#221806 to #221805 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Last little bit.
User avatar #221819 to #221806 - Jackimole (11/20/2012) [-]
Hah, bigger library than mine!
Half Life 2 if you loved other Valve games. Black Mesa if you like HL2.
Dragon Age Origins, one of my favorite RPGs, if you liked Fallout 1&2.
Bioshock ganes and Deus Ex games are great single player FPSs, if you're into that sort of thing.
Mass Effect 3rd person tactical shooter/RPG. What's not to love?
User avatar #221822 to #221819 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Love Half-Life. Been meaning to buy it again when i've had the money.

Loved Dragon Age Origins, better than 2 in my opinion.

Bioshock is one of my all time favorite FPS' but i've never played Deus Ex.

Mass Effect is an amazing series, haven't gotten ahold of 3 yet sadly.
User avatar #221829 to #221822 - Jackimole (11/20/2012) [-]
Yeah, DA2 was super rushed.

Mass Effect 3 has the best gameplay imo, and a great story up until the last 10 minutes.
Although I never played after the "ending fixing" DLC came out. But I didn't hear great things about it.
User avatar #221775 to #221764 - markisawesome (11/20/2012) [-]
I actually didn't know about the zombie campaign, sorry.
I could recommend more games if you'd like.
User avatar #221777 to #221775 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Shoot. I'm always open to suggestions.
User avatar #221793 to #221777 - markisawesome (11/20/2012) [-]
Do you like zombie games?
User avatar #221803 to #221793 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
I love them.
User avatar #221816 to #221803 - markisawesome (11/20/2012) [-]
Dead Island
Left 4 Dead
War Z or Day Z
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

These are the only ones I can remember right now.
User avatar #221817 to #221816 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Own them all minus War Z :P
User avatar #221818 to #221817 - markisawesome (11/20/2012) [-]
So you have Day Z?
User avatar #221820 to #221818 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Yes I do.
User avatar #221821 to #221820 - markisawesome (11/20/2012) [-]
Is it any good? I am thinking of buying it.
User avatar #221826 to #221821 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
It's pretty interesting, my computers' kinda shitty so I can't play it properly, but from what i've seen in gameplays of good players it gets really intense.

You need a lot of patience. A lot of sneaking, and surviving really. And no matter what you do, you will die. Always. Getting the best backpack, badass weapon, then get popped by some asshole player with a sniper. Overall good game, little glitchy because it's still and early mod. Still good though.
User avatar #221745 to #221732 - Xaftz (11/20/2012) [-]
Dude I feel ya, It's been the same way with anime for mee too.
User avatar #221752 to #221745 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Really kind of depressing.
User avatar #221756 to #221752 - Xaftz (11/20/2012) [-]
Yeah, and recently I bought Hyperdimension Neptunia (don't ask) Ratchet and Clank HD collection, Okami HD, and various other games for pc and xbox and I have barely played them :\
User avatar #221773 to #221756 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
God damn my unappreciation for these great games!
User avatar #221779 to #221773 - Xaftz (11/20/2012) [-]
I might just give gaming a break and come back to it and see that works.
I never got the chance to fully appreciate a JRPG cus of this situation (main the Hyperdimension game)
User avatar #221740 to #221732 - kanata (11/20/2012) [-]
Borderlands, L4D, Saints Row, Diablo, Torchlight, Portal, and Lost Planet.
User avatar #221734 to #221732 - theelderscrolls (11/20/2012) [-]
borderlands 1
User avatar #221736 to #221734 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
Already played and beaten several times. Thanks for the try though.
User avatar #221733 to #221732 - reddeadtroll (11/20/2012) [-]
lose interest*
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