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(11/20/2012) [-]
to me, the pve in wow's what keep me comming back to it. being with guild friends and you work together to defeat a difficult boss leave such satisfaction when you finally kill it that no other game have for me
there is though, one thing that tempts me to leave wow every once in a while... the pvp. i didnt grow up with multiplayer games, and as a result, i always played games alone and against npc characters.
as i got older, i got to try some multiplayer games with a few friends. sure it was fun since it was with pals, but as soon i went to playing against people i didnt know over the internet, i almost instantly hated it. even when i had friends playing on my team!
my hatred over that grew more and more over the years before i finally tried tf2. this was the point when i realized why exactly i hate pvp aspects in games: when you are having fun, dominating someone over and over, that same person is struggling with anger and sadness because they cant enjoy the game
thats what kills all, if any, joy i can ever get from playing pvp games