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shit im sick

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#127 - i have a question. whats funny junk true opinion on gen 5 …  [+] (7 replies) 02/18/2012 on at the mac +5
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#190 - nofightingdos (02/18/2012) [-]
The nostalgia Lamar Smiths need to quit their bitching...

They look like retards going around always screaming "HURP DERP, GEN 1 4 LYFE".

Each generation has their flawed Pokemon, and everypony knows Gen 1 has a ton of em. (Muk, Grimer, Voltorb, Electrode, Zubat) Let's be fucking honest here.

I think the new games (pokemon, graphics and all) is a step in the right direction and I don't think a couple of people who want their "good old Pokemon back" are going to stop Nintendo for being awesome as fuck and making games.

#173 - anon (02/18/2012) [-]
Honestly, speaking as somebody who enjoys casually studying Game Design, they were better built than the originals. A lot of the issues the originals had (A zubat in every cave and a rattata on every route, awkward move progression, skewed type distribution, only a very small number of actually useable pokémon, etc) are fixed in Black and White.

<Insert Nostalgic OMG NO THEY'RE TERRIBLE>

My favorite Gen 5 pokémon is actually Chandelure. Because despite being a ghost chandelier, Chandelure is a freaking beast.
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#166 - gevaudan (02/18/2012) [-]
I hate Nostalgia Pokemon 'fan-boys'.
they criticise Japan for coming up with quirky Pokemon designs and yet we love Japan for it's said quirkiness right?.
I also hate how they are like there's "too many Pokemon" or "They look stupid". Here's a novel idea: DON"T USE THEM.
Stop complaining about the past and embrace the future or just use the originals. Do what you want, that's one of the reason's why Pokemon is so appealing .
I have played/own both games. Black in English, White in Japanese.
The reason why I like Pokemon is that it has so much satisfaction to it-nothing is more pleasing than having a Pokemon with beneficial a nature, characteristic and gender along with full EV's and the best moves possible at level 100.
Also my favourite 5th gen Pokemon is Hydreigon, he's an awesome special-sweeper.
#162 - Tyranitar (02/18/2012) [-]
As a Pokemon myself, I fail to see a problem with most of my 5th generation brothers. I admit there are some issues *cough*garbodor*cough* but every generation has those Pokemon.

Look at this, for instance. You cannot tell me that a blob of purple semen is a better and more creative Pokemon than over 500 others only because its from Gen 1.
#145 - TexasChainsawDisco (02/18/2012) [-]
I've Played and beaten White a few times. I like how there's actual plot other than, "Fuck Team Rocket, lets beat them up."
The Pokemon designs look odd, but there are plenty i enjoy.
Favorite is definitely Scrafty,
I don't have any real complaints, other than you can't rematch trainers at all.
#129 - zilvboom (02/18/2012) [-]
ps thats my bro haxorus
#5 - well at least there no porn about him (i hope)  [+] (1 reply) 01/22/2012 on Childhood. Bye 0
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#14 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 12/05/2011 on I love this +7
#24 - digestivebiscuit (12/05/2011) [-]
Well hello to you to :)
#7 - lol 11/25/2011 on Friendly Bear +6