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#70 - U forget........2 times of the month  [+] (7 replies) 01/04/2012 on Jackpot! +78
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#345 - rplix (01/04/2012) [-]
ACTUALLY, if two girls are living together for more than a month, their period cycles become similar and in time they would have their periods on the same day.

So in conclusion, it would be more blood...but on the same day :D
#78 - etrian (01/04/2012) [-]
I don't quite recall if what im about to say is true, but i remember reading somewhere that if two women or more live with each other long enough their periods synchronize. Then instead of 2 horrible weeks it could be one massive shitstorm of hell.
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#81 - Hreidmar (01/04/2012) [-]
That's correct. In most cases, two girls living together will sync. And also, periods aren't quite as bad as people say. Just don't be a dick during them, care for her, and it'll be fine.

Also, sex after the period is over is usually awesome.
#353 - anon (01/04/2012) [-]
And give them chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.
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#354 - Hreidmar (01/04/2012) [-]
Chocolate is fantastic for women on their periods.
#95 - justinitfortheporn has deleted their comment.
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#97 - Hreidmar (01/04/2012) [-]
Not for me, but yeah, I've heard it referred to as that.
#701 - hydrocodone is just oxy+ no tylenol. there will usually be a #…  [+] (1 reply) 11/08/2011 on Sad but true 0
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#704 - SGTBLACKPOWA (11/08/2011) [-]
It says 7.5/500. I read online that 7.5 is the opiod and the 500 is acetaminophen. That was on the bottle. The # on the pill is M358