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User avatar #39 - wiener (11/29/2011) [-]
you darn ****** , it's sean. Op has delivered
User avatar #40 to #40 - zeldafaggot (11/29/2011) [-]
no, because i won and i said your name was "straight as a circle"
User avatar #41 to #41 - wiener (11/29/2011) [-]
it was like your 6th roll, so i just pmed the guy formy new username. I thought that was kind of commen sense
User avatar #42 to #42 - zeldafaggot (11/29/2011) [-]
no, not really. and you cant just assume i know the rules you make in your head.
User avatar #43 to #43 - wiener (11/29/2011) [-]
you didnt even reply to the right comment. you replied yor roll to somebodey elses.
User avatar #44 to #44 - zeldafaggot (11/29/2011) [-]
...a continuation of your comment. your logic makes no sense.
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