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#44 - True. 11/27/2016 on Sun and Moon 0
#8 - I'd love a "Hard Mode" that just removes all the han…  [+] (3 replies) 11/27/2016 on Sun and Moon +5
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#56 - thesinful (11/27/2016) [-]
Black 2 and White 2 had an unlockable Challenge Mode and Easy Mode once you beat the game. Though the difference wasn't that much. Challenge Mode: enemies are a few levels higher and a bit smarter and gym leaders had another pokemon, usually one that wasn't weak to one of their normal weaknesses. Or one or two of their pokemon would be different; like Iris having a Salamence instead of Druddigon.

But man. Imagine a pokemon game where enemies were EV trained with good egg moves from the start?
#16 - ainise (11/27/2016) [-]
You know a fun way of playing pokemon? No healing at Pokecenters.

You know where that doesn't fucking matter? When you're FULLY HEALED EVERY 3 GOD DAMN MINUTES.
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#44 - zaperzero (11/27/2016) [-]
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