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    German German
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    /ck/ at McDonalds /ck/ at McDonalds
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    Taxi Doge Taxi Doge
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#45 - Picture 03/02/2016 on Classic Battlefront +20
#98 - Here you go  [+] (1 new reply) 02/16/2016 on Crusade facts 0
#158 - ametaphoricalbaby (02/16/2016) [-]
I think mine is better
#144 - Your Welcome  [+] (2 new replies) 01/21/2016 on Dope Wallpapers #7 +7
#147 - rockergamer (01/21/2016) [-]
i feel scummy doing that

pls forgive me
#146 - rockergamer (01/21/2016) [-]

maybe you shoulda spent more time on the books after all
#168 - >via 01/05/2016 on That was a bit too... 0
#63 - Picture 10/09/2015 on Almost porn +20
#35 - Picture 09/02/2015 on I guess +5
#537 - Picture 08/27/2015 on when you're ready for nignogs +14
#49 - So is breaking bad but everybody including myself watched all …  [+] (11 new replies) 07/24/2015 on Facts about Breaking Bad -34
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#100 - labree (07/25/2015) [-]
implying season 4 wasnt the best season ever.
User avatar
#93 - theguynamedme (07/25/2015) [-]
Honestly I kind of agree with you. I definitely see how some would like it, but I don't like dramas which is what it was. Also I only watched through season 2 because I hated every fucking character except Walt Jr and couldn't stand to watch anymore.
#78 - kristovsky (07/25/2015) [-]
User avatar
#51 - bakinboy (07/24/2015) [-]
how dare you compare the masterpiece that is breaking bad to drivel like weeds and walking dead
User avatar
#83 - minorian (07/25/2015) [-]
I think Breaking Bad is the best written series ever made, but you just had to shit talk TWD too

User avatar
#112 - bakinboy (07/25/2015) [-]
the first season and first episodes of every season are good, but then it's the same shit where theyre stuck in one location fighting another group of people and the whole show just becomes about gay drama instead of surviving the zombie apocalypse
User avatar
#113 - minorian (07/25/2015) [-]
Huh, I actually like the "drama" for opposite reasons; it's not that usual gay drama, like there is in so many other shows. It usually doesn't end pretty, and it's rare that anyone will get a happy ending out of it.
User avatar
#86 - kinginyellow (07/25/2015) [-]
I didn't mind the Walking Dead, but I got real sick of how much they changed to the point that I really wish they had just made the show in the same world but with different characters. They obviously can't keep hiring actors to be around for a couple episodes, but they kept killing out of place or just plain changing characters I enjoyed too much.
User avatar
#88 - minorian (07/25/2015) [-]
I love the way they kill off characters. It makes it so much more interesting, when you actually like a character. I also like how there's the rare main characters that rarely die, the season-characters that last about a season and then the characters that last 3-5 episodes
User avatar
#89 - kinginyellow (07/25/2015) [-]
But that's my problem, they didn't do it to the extent of the comics which annoyed me a lot. It's not a practical comic to make a show out of in the first place even, you'd have to hire people and you'd need good actors who would be fine with little screen time.

That and I was just disappointed with how much was changed with characters, like making the guy who was supposed to Alan into a wifebeater cliche, when he actually had an interesting story and had to deal with depression. They kinda wrecked anyone who wasn't the main focus.
User avatar
#90 - minorian (07/25/2015) [-]
That's just how it works, when books and comics become series. You have to cut a lot of the characters, and you don't have pages upon pages to care for every little detail and character, so they have to boil it down to the essentials and choose which focus they are gonna take Besides, they do it on purpose. The producer or someone said that they deliberately changed it so that people, who had read the comics, would be surprised and excited too.

If you think it's bad with TWD, try reading the GoT books and see how only a tenth of the characters make it to the screen, and half of the things that takes place in the books, doesn't even happen in the series, and vice versa.
#83 - Picture 06/18/2015 on Please stop +7
#24 - pls no ban 06/12/2015 on anime blush +9
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