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#6 - its not supposed to be impressive 11/20/2014 on League of Baaaaaaaaaad 0
#3 - yup thats probably cause im not level 30  [+] (1 new reply) 11/19/2014 on League of Baaaaaaaaaad 0
User avatar #4 - sociocat (11/20/2014) [-]
My highest accounts level is 20
And I am better then some level 30s
Maybe Im just a fast learner
#201 - Picture 08/25/2014 on Hooray for cringe +4
#199 - Picture 08/25/2014 on Hooray for cringe 0
#198 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 08/25/2014 on Hooray for cringe +3
#201 - yeshibo (08/25/2014) [-]
#199 - yeshibo has deleted their comment.
#196 - Picture  [+] (3 new replies) 08/25/2014 on Hooray for cringe +2
#198 - yeshibo (08/25/2014) [-]
#201 - yeshibo (08/25/2014) [-]
#199 - yeshibo has deleted their comment.
#36 - Picture 02/04/2014 on wonk uoy diD +6
#80 - I'm sorry that you can't tell it's about suicide. 01/12/2014 on story +4
#75 - suicide. that's why there was a noose  [+] (13 new replies) 01/12/2014 on story 0
#77 - zameckis (01/12/2014) [-]
so, just because there's a rope in a single panel,
it's all about suicide now?
that rope aint even showing a circle to put your neck in it.

at first i thought it was about typical soldier or disaster casualties judging from the hands that holding a dead hand.
User avatar #87 - Silver Quantum (01/12/2014) [-]
read it again. it's about suicide
#88 - zameckis (01/12/2014) [-]
do you think i'm not doing that?
i already read it 3times before posting the comment


geez people, get real.
User avatar #120 - revansfirst (01/12/2014) [-]
it gets more ragey the longer I look at it
#100 - Silver Quantum (01/12/2014) [-]
what do you think this means?
User avatar #101 - zameckis (01/12/2014) [-]
and what makes you think IT IS suicide?
User avatar #107 - Silver Quantum (01/12/2014) [-]
jesus fucking christ dude. the dude was depressed and took "the easy way out" meaning he killed himself. people weren't aware that he had suicidal thoughts. so in case his brother would think of doing the same, this time people will be more aware, and he'll have more support, hence the multiple hands holding his hand.
#109 - zameckis (01/12/2014) [-]
jesus christ, people really into suicide in this site huh?

oh so that part eh,
the meaning of that words is just flew above my head.
my bad
User avatar #111 - Silver Quantum (01/12/2014) [-]
just because we have enough common sense to figure out a story is about suicide, doesn't mean we're into suicide
#113 - zameckis (01/12/2014) [-]
now now
don't mock me for not having common sense just because i miss that meaning.
english is not my main language, so i thought the brother is drowning or something at first sight, judging they says they will get there in time.
User avatar #114 - Silver Quantum (01/12/2014) [-]
that makes zero sense
User avatar #115 - zameckis (01/12/2014) [-]
User avatar #80 - yeshibo (01/12/2014) [-]
I'm sorry that you can't tell it's about suicide.
#996 - Yeah they do. Dog was 5. Kid was 11. 10 years later they're 15 and 21 01/12/2014 on World of Warcraft 0
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User avatar #6 - zenkon (01/23/2012) [-]
Dude, I don't know if it's true your story, but if it's. Try to do something you like, not just watch your fav Tv program, no. Something that keep all of you attention to it. Try to forget her for a week or less, then think about the situation, do this alone, you need to do this by yourself, you always have friends to support you but at the end of the day, you are alone with the problem, that's why it's importan to do by yourself!.

Think about what happen, try to see that's not your fault, sorry but she was the bitch and the whore, she tell you, she love you and that day at night have sex with her ex... you do what you need and feel that is right to do and she let you down, she will have problems? she ask for it, the next day or week, will call you because her ex is gone again and you are the only men and bla bla........ and **** you too(a bitch slap will be OK but this is the real life so Fuuuuu)

ignore it and move with your life, yes it hard I know but it can be do it!

I hope you can feel better and the FJ comunity is with you, I am with you bro!

PD: sorry if something is poorly written, my english is not very good
#5 - mankbeast (01/23/2012) [-]
Dude I can't tell you how close your situation is to mine. HIT ME UP!!!! WE should talk man!!! I am not kidding we can talk it out it will help the both of us!!!!
#4 - anonymous (01/23/2012) [-]
i know im an anon, but im here to help.. no matter what, you keep your dignity, you hear me? dont let her get to you, she doesnt mean it, so heres the way to do it: tell her that you still love her, and you always will, but wait a few days, see if she still says the same thing..ill be watching out for you, yeshibo

sincerely, with advice and guidance,
#3 - insanitydriven **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#2 - tonyri (01/23/2012) [-]
Don't worry. We will never stop loving you.
User avatar #7 to #5 - yeshibo (01/28/2012) [-]
User avatar #1 - wings (01/22/2012) [-]
**** that bitch man. She** doesn't** deserve you bro! If you love her and you want to support her and her child, than you have a ******* heart my man.

Girls come and go and I know what you feel right now, You feel crushed and sad and just bored I guess? But you shouldn't you should pick up your head and stand tall, and move on!

You were in love with her and I understand, and you keep asking yourself "Why did she do it...?" But she did it. And if you though she loved you, then to be honest what she did last night with her ex-boyfriend, proved/showed she didn't love you.

I give you the best of luck my man.

Hope I helped.
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