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#29 - perfect 10/19/2015 on Just gush me up 0
#83 - I'm from luton, AMA!  [+] (2 replies) 09/29/2015 on oi m8 ill rekt ya cunt 0
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#94 - xapplemanx (09/29/2015) [-]
is it really that bad?
#99 - xsoljakidx (09/29/2015) [-]
Not in my experience, I've walked through Bury park in army cadet uniform and had no trouble what so ever.
Its when idiots like that who are known to be racist pigs make their presence aware to the public shit get bad.

even then quite a few people in luton (especially the muslim population) are very nice people in general.
#74 - Please...please don't let this game be as bad as fallout 3, im…  [+] (11 replies) 09/23/2015 on Full Fallout 4 Theme -17
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#125 - cthumoo (09/23/2015) [-]
if you thought fallout 3 was bad then why do you even care? it's going to be another Bethesda game
#131 - xsoljakidx (09/24/2015) [-]
I liked NV and I loved Skyrim, Fallout 4 genuinely looks pretty good, I'm looking forward to it.

It's a similar feeing to my feeling on the new Star wars, It could be so good, but its a huge weight on the shoulders of JJ.
#122 - xsoljakidx (09/23/2015) [-]
Now now, hold on a cotton picking second.

Whilst many things about that game where good, the story was mediocre at best and the engine itself was buggy as hell, even the unofficial pc patch didn't fix anything.

NV was a improvement at best, still the same broken ass game
#118 - alstorp (09/23/2015) [-]
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#109 - hamsterball (09/23/2015) [-]
As a person who absolutely hates New Vegas. Fallout 3 was a good ass game.
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#107 - therealtjthemedic (09/23/2015) [-]
I know it's a meme to hate on 3 but come on, it's not a bad game at all by any standards. And don't bring out the fucking 3/NV comparison charts for fucks sake.
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#119 - itsmewaffle (09/23/2015) [-]
they talked shit about inon zur on that retarded ass chart

this just proves he's based
#105 - lincolnpenis (09/23/2015) [-]
GOTY for no good reason?
They don't value a game on popularity, even if Fallout 3 was relatively huge. No Call of Duty is getting Game of the year. Fallout 3 was a phenomenal work of thousands of hours of finely detailed, well thought out love investment, and so was New Vegas which was essentially a DLC with better writers. Story ain't everything.
You cannot say Fallout 3 was bad. It was addictive, SATURATED with content to explore and gave me and millions of others their favorite gaming experience. Bethesda did right and I'd welcome more Fallout 3 DLC to be god damn honest.
#103 - starfletcher (09/23/2015) [-]
Fallout 3 wasn't even bad. Idk what your talking about.
#99 - pineapplechunkss (09/23/2015) [-]
#80 - pleuradispensor (09/23/2015) [-]
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#33 - isis cube 09/16/2015 on Daily Reminder +6