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#114 - The difference is that EVERYONE agreed that whoever killed tho…  [+] (8 replies) 09/24/2013 on Murdered +23
#198 - anon (09/24/2013) [-]

What dumbasses don't understand is that this case got a lot of attention because it's controversial on whether the murder was justified or not.

Then white racist assholes came and said "hurrr durrr ppl care coz victim ez blck and kiler is wheet" (hispanic actually, but you get the point)

Many black kids get killed by white criminals throughout the year, so why don't they ALL get their cases publicized nationally for months like the Martin kid?!!

Reason is, for all the other murders by white criminals against black people, EVERYONE (except hardcore racists) agrees that what the white person has done, is NOT justified.
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#124 - noblexfenrir (09/24/2013) [-]
Well while I agree, I think this kind of thing shows the insane methods by which certain advocates further their position.

Take Jesse Jackson as an example, he's up in arms at any given chance to show that authority figures are the problem, or government is the problem (Don't get me wrong, alot of the time they are, I'm not disputing that.), or he pops up during cases such as the Trayvon murder, to further perpetuate that racism is still as much an issue as it used to be when he was actually making a difference.

But when things like this happen? We don't hear a peep out of him, he barely ever has a single word to say on the subject. He preaches pro-black and nothing else, when they should be advocating non-violence and to abhor situations like this as examples of what not to let ourselves degrade But no, it doesn't fit his agenda.

Sorry, long rant, and got way off topic.
#143 - xheavymetalx (09/24/2013) [-]
Sure, some people are irrational about it. But my point about the Martin case was that if Zimmerman was definitely going to jail like the murderers OP posted about, there wouldn't be protests saying "Justice for Trayvon" because he would have already gotten it.

People will use any situation to further their position if it suits them.
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#129 - musicmantrice (09/24/2013) [-]
That's because Jesse Jackson is only worried about how much money
he can make off of the ignorant masses following his incitement of attempted
race wars.
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#130 - noblexfenrir (09/24/2013) [-]

and unfortunately even though I hate pointing out specific groups, liberals eat this shit up. It's not entirely their fault, but they have this strange obsession with catering to problems and stressing them, but that doesn't fix anything. I'm not saying forget racism existed heavily not even 100 years ago, I'm saying move past it. If you keep acting like it's still as bad as it was, then you are making gullible and impressionable people think it still is.
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#132 - musicmantrice (09/24/2013) [-]
Liberals cater to the ignorant portion of the black population in an attempt
to keep their vote and hold themselves in the power position to continue pushing their
agenda. Barack Obama really wasn't chosen as a candidate for the democratic party
based on any political ability, they knew they would pull the black vote easy with a black
man in office and could pool their resources on making up the small difference with the
white and latino vote. Simple facts, make people feel like their entitled to be spoon fed and of course they'll continue running back to you.
#211 - anon (09/25/2013) [-]
"hurrr durrr blk ppl vote bama coz he's blk"


Your dumbass point goes down the toilet when you realize the fact that Bill Clinton (who is white if you have forgotten) got a higher vote percentage from blacks than Obama.

Black people always vote for Democrat, whether it be a black candidate or not. Which seems logical since most of the racists and black haters are Republicans (Note: most Republicans are NOT racists, but most racists are Republican)
Look at the numbers for Obama, John Kerry, Al Gore, Clinton... and so forth. All are Democrat candidates, all got over 90% of vote from the black population, ONLY 1 of them is actually black.

Thus your point is worthless.
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#215 - musicmantrice (09/25/2013) [-]
1) You're angry, you should check your attitude.
2) Regardless of past voting from blacks towards the democratic party, him being
black gave them instant insurance from the black population for ensuring their vote.
And I enjoy how you didn't address any other point I made, namely how the democratic
party caters to them in order to consistently receive their vote. You spoon feed someone
then you'll never have to worry about them supporting you. Politics on both sides are
just a shitty way of manipulating people in order to press their own selfish agenda.
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