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#42 - Made these last night with the gf, yummy mofos.  [+] (16 replies) 04/10/2016 on Churro ice-cream bowl +14
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#87 - dalekemporer (04/10/2016) [-]
I think he's just salty that you're in a relationship and he seems to be too much of a cunt to land anyone.
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#60 - Silver Quantum (04/10/2016) [-]
i think you missed the point of the churro
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#83 - markipliergame (04/10/2016) [-]
the point of the churro is to taste good dumbass, the bowl doesn't fuckin matter
#88 - wyattgc (04/10/2016) [-]
I'd make you a churro ice cream bowl mark <3 full homo
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#85 - Silver Quantum (04/10/2016) [-]
the churro IS supposed to be the bowl shitbreath.
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#86 - markipliergame (04/10/2016) [-]
sure, but who gives a fuck. the point of food is to taste good
#64 - wyattgc (04/10/2016) [-]
**wyattgc used "*roll picture*"**
**wyattgc rolled image** What do you mean dumb dumb?
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#66 - Silver Quantum (04/10/2016) [-]
it's ironic you call me dumb, yet you are the one who failed to realize the churro itself is the bowl for the ice cream.
#68 - wyattgc (04/10/2016) [-]
**wyattgc used "*roll picture*"**
**wyattgc rolled image** You try eating that and not make a mess. Also we wanted more ice cream and chocolate sauce than the churro would hold. dumb dumb I cant eat it however the fuck I want gtfo why did you even click this one stupid.
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#71 - Silver Quantum (04/10/2016) [-]
yes indeed it was smart putting more ice cream than the churro would hold. you basically rendered the churro pointless. might as well have put the ice cream in the bowl and ate the churro separately you're the biggest cum guzzling faggot if you clicked on this spoiler
#73 - wyattgc (04/10/2016) [-]
**wyattgc used "*roll picture*"**
**wyattgc rolled image** The warm churro blended with the melting ice cream and chocolate so deliciously, you are just mad you didn't have one.
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#75 - Silver Quantum (04/10/2016) [-]
why would you think i'm mad? it was just an observation of how poorly you made the recipe
#78 - wyattgc (04/10/2016) [-]
**wyattgc used "*roll picture*"**
**wyattgc rolled image**If it was delicious how did I poorly make the recipe? I could have easily put one small scoop of ice cream in the churro and put sauce on top like they did. However, I deemed it better to have more ice cream and a bowl for convince of carry, hold, and eating while watching tv. If anything I improved the idea for my purposes. What are you one of those "you didn't follow the recipe to the T, you did it wrong!" peeps?
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#81 - Silver Quantum (04/10/2016) [-]
sure you did whatever you wanted with the recipe but you rendered the concept of the shape of the churro pointless since anyway you were going to eat it differently, so there was no need for you to go through all the trouble of making the shape like in the recipe and then waste time freezing it and what not. could have just deep fried the dough of the churro and eat it much sooner
#84 - wyattgc (04/10/2016) [-]
You are assuming I didn't make more for my family just like they did in the recipe. Well I did double the recipe and make 12 (froze 6 for later). Just made them all bowls for convince of repetition. As a peace offering this is the steak dinner I bbq'ed up the other nice. Medium rare ftw
#49 - anon (04/10/2016) [-]
#26 - **wyattgc used "*roll picture*"** **wyattgc rolled image *…  [+] (1 reply) 03/30/2016 on Summer Lovin -11
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#28 - pathesisx (03/30/2016) [-]
It depends on the material and brand. like some materials are very cheap and easy to get by the yard while spending only a couple cents while others are far more expensive by the ft.
#3 - **wyattgc used "*roll picture*"** **wyattgc rolled image *…  [+] (1 reply) 03/29/2016 on Dear, Mr Titan. 0
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#5 - evilkingganon (03/29/2016) [-]
No i get the joke its AOT.