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  • Views: 37835
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    Uploaded: 08/16/12
    Fuck items. Fuck items.
  • Views: 16876
    Thumbs Up 309 Thumbs Down 55 Total: +254
    Comments: 55
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    Uploaded: 12/06/12
  • Views: 5823
    Thumbs Up 127 Thumbs Down 14 Total: +113
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    Uploaded: 08/11/12
    Fuckin' Items Fuckin' Items
  • Views: 7539
    Thumbs Up 126 Thumbs Down 56 Total: +70
    Comments: 31
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    Uploaded: 01/01/12
    must be a pinkie party... must be a pinkie party...
  • Views: 1036
    Thumbs Up 19 Thumbs Down 6 Total: +13
    Comments: 1
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    Uploaded: 04/04/12
    Pika pi. Pika pi.
  • Views: 1413
    Thumbs Up 15 Thumbs Down 3 Total: +12
    Comments: 4
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    Uploaded: 03/26/12
    A funnyjunk poem A funnyjunk poem
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  • Views: 4448
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    Uploaded: 06/09/12
    Halo feels Halo feels
  • Views: 1064
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    Uploaded: 10/28/11
    Like mah status Like mah status
  • Views: 942
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    Uploaded: 07/24/11
    The first youtube video The first youtube video
  • Views: 2310
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    Comments: 3
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    Uploaded: 06/03/12
    Rock medley Rock medley
  • Views: 646
    Thumbs Up 5 Thumbs Down 0 Total: +5
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    Uploaded: 08/30/11
    Donkeys Donkeys
  • Views: 1523
    Thumbs Up 10 Thumbs Down 6 Total: +4
    Comments: 3
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    Uploaded: 08/04/12
    The song of men The song of men
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latest user's comments

#30 - Why does a bachelors degree in horticulture sound more useless…  [+] (6 new replies) 10/25/2014 on You will never find them +1
#66 - willys (10/25/2014) [-]
Because you, like most people, don't understand the potential for earnings in the golf industry. My old boss, with the exact same degree as me, makes $180,000/year.
User avatar #47 - trollchildxy (10/25/2014) [-]
Because at least one makes you eligible to be a "highschool councilor"
#50 - greyhoundfd (10/25/2014) [-]
And the other makes you eligible to work with companies like monsanto or any large agricultural company.
User avatar #51 - trollchildxy (10/25/2014) [-]
/shrug I'm going for Electronics Engineering hopefully... I like the job security idea of working for a large company so i get that.
#52 - greyhoundfd (10/25/2014) [-]
I'm planning on going into physics. Education and the sciences are a big thing in my family.
User avatar #53 - trollchildxy (10/25/2014) [-]
Fuck yeah man. I hope to get a PHD, work for a company like Intel in R&D for a good 20-30 years, then retire to a local college or highschool teaching something simple like introductory engineering concepts or drafting.
#9 - I find this difficult to believe. All you said to that was &qu… 10/23/2014 on Asked a chinese girl... 0
#43 - Picture 10/22/2014 on god I love this meme +3
#95 - True. It's comments like these that make me feel utt… 10/20/2014 on Fucking grow some skin +4
#174 - FALSE To track a bear, you roll a perception check. C… 10/11/2014 on Nat 20 - Nat 1 -1
#37 - *tips fedora* Everything that's mentioned in the bibl…  [+] (6 new replies) 09/27/2014 on Dayim sun -7
User avatar #68 - lyiat (09/27/2014) [-]
Eating shellfish? Consuming blood of an animal? Taking the lord's name in vain? Working on Sunday? Accepting advice from non-Christians? Arguing with your employer? Ect, ect?
User avatar #102 - renespar (09/27/2014) [-]
1) Shellfish if not cooked completely through can get you violently ill, clams can live on toxic waste for fucks sake
2) if there's substantial amounts of blood odds are it wasn't cooked thoroughly, and once again, raw meat can get you sick
3) it was more about respecting God, would you want people throwing around your name as an insult
4) it's been proven we need at least one day a week for rest, hell Napoleon tried to enforce a ten day week, and it fell apart
5) in the era the bible was written "Hey guys, wanna partake in some baby sacrifice, I know God loves that shit" (and that's not hyperbole, at one point there was legit baby sacrifice in Jerusalem because they thought it was a good idea to start following the religions of the "less than civil" neighbors
6) that one goes both ways, you shouldn't argue with your boss but the boss also shouldn't be an asshole

you see, a lot of stuff in the bible actually makes a hell of a lot of sense in the context of being written several thousand years ago
#116 - popeflatus (09/27/2014) [-]
And god still wants people to be killed for this?
User avatar #149 - renespar (09/27/2014) [-]
did I say that? all I said was on some level the rules make sense, plus most of those rules wouldn't net you a death sentence, and more or less in the new testament Paul goes "hey guys, you can basically discard most of the rules set by the book of leviticus at this point but hey, I'm probably gonna get more red thumbs for this, so why even bother
#150 - popeflatus (09/28/2014) [-]
Well you've given me plenty of red thumbs yourself. So why should anyone care what Paul says in the bible anyway?
#54 - popeflatus (09/27/2014) [-]
How about raping a woman so that you can marry her? How about wearing clothes made from two types of cloth? How about keeping the Sabbath holy?

If you are a Catholic priest you aren't allowed to masturbate and you do not 'inevitably have sex'.
#110 - I hear ya man. I've been to Paris, Egypt, AND Austin. I never … 09/22/2014 on Stupidity hurts more and more +2
#31 - Did you even read my post? Diamonds don't have a fixe…  [+] (1 new reply) 09/20/2014 on uh oh 0
User avatar #33 - godofcorndog (09/20/2014) [-]
Are you reading my posts..? I'm not saying diamonds have a fixed price, that is the point. There is no market for them, the value is what the company decides it is. A market would imply there is an feasible balance of supply and demand, and there is not.
#139 - I just know that I personally cannot stand trying to do anythi…  [+] (3 new replies) 09/20/2014 on FJ is becoming relevant 0
User avatar #140 - garymotherfingoak (09/20/2014) [-]
I guess i can see where you're coming from, especially when making a new post. the 4chan layout was harder to get used to though IMO.
#206 - satansferret (09/20/2014) [-]
nooo keep going damnit
User avatar #209 - garymotherfingoak (09/20/2014) [-]
internet arguments are gay
#133 - And if you want to believe I am using the word autistic in a l…  [+] (5 new replies) 09/20/2014 on FJ is becoming relevant 0
User avatar #136 - garymotherfingoak (09/20/2014) [-]
shit on a stick, I misread comment #115, as is instead of isn't

though i still feel you're in the wrong about your stance on reddit because of 1 factor, you have won this argument due to my mishap, and I'll take my red thumbs with pride.
User avatar #139 - wrpen (09/20/2014) [-]
I just know that I personally cannot stand trying to do anything on reddit because of how unintuitive the layout is, and neither can I understand how anyone does.
User avatar #140 - garymotherfingoak (09/20/2014) [-]
I guess i can see where you're coming from, especially when making a new post. the 4chan layout was harder to get used to though IMO.
#206 - satansferret (09/20/2014) [-]
nooo keep going damnit
User avatar #209 - garymotherfingoak (09/20/2014) [-]
internet arguments are gay

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